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Wind-tunnel study of chimney downwash at the B.L. England Station of the Atlantic City Electric Company: report




Cermak, Jack E., author
Peterka, Jon A., author
Beatty, J. A., author
Fluid Mechanics and Wind Engineering Program, Fluid Dynamics and Diffusion Laboratory, Department of Civil Engineering, Colorado State University, publisher

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The Atlantic City Electric Company has measured SO2 concentrations, downwind from one of their electrical power generating stations, which occasionally exceed regulatory limitations. The problem (suspected to be plume downwash induced by adjacent buildings) was referred to the Stearns-Roger Engineering Corporation for further study. The study included wind-tunnel simulation, which was subcontracted to Colorado State University. Diffusion tests were subsequently conducted on a 1:300 scale model of the B. L. England Station (a coal and oil fired electrical power generation facility) in the CSU Meteorological Wind Tunnel. Their purpose was to confirm the downwash and to determine the effect of various changes in stack/site configuration upon plume behavior. The model tests, conducted at pre-selected wind directions and velocities, included physical alterations in the station site, increases in momentum and buoyancy of the flue gases, increases in height of the existing stacks, and inspection of two new stacks - GEP and greater. Data obtained included ground-level concentration measurements for all tests and visualization of selected configurations. The model tracer gas concentrations were converted to equivalent prototype SO2 concentrations for comparison with any similar field data. The visualization studies were documented on 35 mm slides, B&W photos, and video cassette. Evaluation of test results indicates that significant downwash is caused by the boiler buildings. The data further reveal that those configurations which increased the plume height above the building influence are practicable measures to mitigate the downwash phenomenon. Extension of the existing stacks when accompanied by flue gas reheat provide SO2 reductions nearly equal to a GEP stack.


Includes bibliographical references.
June 1984.
CSU Project 2-95800.
Prepared for Stearns-Roger Engineering Corporation.

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Atlantic City (N.J.) -- Buildings, structures, etc.
Wind tunnel models
Buildings -- New Jersey -- Atlantic City -- Aerodynamics


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