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  • Development of Haute Couture Using Innovative Hand Woven Ilkal Fabric 

    Contributor:Purandare, Saloni
    The purpose of this research which was conducted with Central Silk Board, Government of India organization is development of 6 haute couture pieces with innovative fabrics and ornamentation. Another motive was to preserve ...
  • Microgreen production : an evaluation of types of growing media 

    Contributor:Lake, Julie A.
    Microgreens are edible vegetable, herb, and even flower plants that are harvested between 7 to 15 days after germination, when cotyledons and/or two ‘true’ leaves have emerged. Harvest parameters often vary depending on ...
  • CFD model to reduce automobile development costs related to refueling system 

    Contributor:Stoker, T. McKay; Dake, Mangesh; Windom, Bret; Henderson, Marc
    Testing procedures for automobile refueling systems can be costly. To reduce the amount of testing during the design of refueling systems, car manufacturers desire a CFD tool predictive of system performance. The potential ...
  • Behind the screens : the women behind Disney films 

    Contributor:Selinske, Kimberly
    Women have been part of the Disney company since its inception in 1923, and have always played integral roles in the creation and success of Disney films. This research argues that women need to be reincorporated into the ...
  • Reworlding and making kin in Jeff VanderMeer's Annihilation 

    Contributor:Myers, Madison
    Jeff VanderMeer’s work of fiction and recent film, Annihilation, uniquely suggests reworlding by reimagining human interconnectedness to other species as part of multispecies communities. VanderMeer breaks down the boundaries ...

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