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  • Soil textural control over decomposition and soil organic matter dynamics 

    Author(s):Scott, Neal A.
    Date Issued:1991
    Format:masters theses
    Soil texture is an important factor that influences litter decomposition and soil organic matter (SOM) dynamics, but few experiments have addressed specific mechanisms. Even less work has been done to answer the question ...
  • Selection of modeling and monitoring strategies for estuarine water quality management 

    Author(s):Sivakumaran, Kumaraswamy
    Date Issued:1989
    Format:doctoral dissertations
    Estuarine water quality management is challenging owing to the complex hydrodynamics, water quality kinetics, international and domestic legislation, and human impact that take place in an estuarine environment. Scientists ...
  • Water-quality data analysis protocol development 

    Author(s):Harcum, Jonathan Brooks
    Date Issued:1990
    Format:doctoral dissertations
    Several agencies have developed networks to routinely monitor water quantity and quality in an attempt to assess society's influence on the environment, including the impacts of modern agriculture. Data from these networks ...
  • Transport of copiotrophic bacteria in oligotrophic coarse soils : a Monte Carlo analysis 

    Author(s):Peterson, Thomas Charles
    Date Issued:1987
    Format:doctoral dissertations
    On-site wastewater treatment systems placed in coarse-grained, oligotrophic soils such as those typically found in the mountainous regions of the West are designed and installed with the assumption that most pathogenic ...
  • Evaluation of alternative design flow criteria for use in effluent discharge permitting 

    Author(s):Paulson, Cynthia L.
    Date Issued:1987
    Format:masters theses
    A design flow Is the value used to represent upstream or dilution flow in the calculation of effluent permit limits under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). The7Q10 low-flow statistic, or the 7-day ...

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