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  • 307ChopShop Senior Design Web Scraper 

    Author(s):Tarango, Austin
    This past year I have worked with a group of computer science students to make a web scrapping application for our senior design project. My task was to create and implement a Facebook marketplace API. Both eBay and ...
  • The Roman Principia as a Roman Temple: An Exploration of Spatial, Temporal, and Personnel Similarities 

    Author(s):Heady, Gavin
    The ancient Roman fort is a foreign structure in many of our minds. We often associate it with current military camps, thinking that the social purpose of the camp was geared solely toward war. Contemporary military camps ...
  • Optimal fuzzy control for canal control structures 

    Author(s):Begovich, O.; Ruiz, V. M.
    This paper presents an application of a SCADAPack Remote Terminal Unit to regulate the level in an irrigation canal prototype. The designed upstream level regulator consists of two Linear Quadratic Gaussian (LQG) controllers ...
  • SCADA and related technologies 

    Author(s):Skafidas, E.; Mareels, I.
    The Zigbee™ alliance seeks to develop an open standard for reliable, cost-effective, secure wireless interconnectivity of monitoring and control products. The ZigBee™ technology is better suited for control applications, ...
  • Effective implementation of algorithm theory into PLCs 

    Author(s):Piao, Xianshu; Burt, Charles
    A major constraint for implementation of automated canal control is the complicated, tedious, and potentially error-ridden task of programming the control algorithm and associated overhead into PLCs (Programmable Logic ...

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