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  • Environmental bioethics 

    Author(s):Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    Date Issued:1995
    Format:born digital; chapters (layout features)
    Environmental bioethics, or environmental ethics, is the theory and practice concerning values in and duties to, or concerning, the natural world. An anthropocentric ethic holds that humans are the focus of ethics and ...
  • Data associated with "Constraining aerosol phase function using dual-view geostationary satellites" 

    Author(s):Bian, Qijing; Kreidenweis, Sonia; Chiu, J. Christine; Miller, Steven D.; Xu, Xiaoguang; Wang, Jun; Kahn, Ralph A.; Limbacher, James A.; Remer, Lorraine A.; Levy, Robert C.
    Format:ZIP; CSV; HDF5
    Passive satellite observations play an important role in monitoring global aerosol properties and helping quantify aerosol radiative forcing in the climate system. The quality of aerosol retrievals from the satellite ...
  • Parametric optimal estimation retrieval of the non-precipitating parameters over the global oceans, A 

    Author(s):Elsaesser, Gregory S.
    Date Issued:2006
    Format:masters theses
    There are a multitude of spacebome microwave sensors in orbit, including the TRMM Microwave Imager (TMI), the Special Sensor Microwave/lmager (SSM/I) onboard the DMSP satellites, the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer ...
  • Finite element 2-D transport model of groundwater restoration for in situ solution mining of uranium 

    Author(s):Warner, James W.
    Date Issued:1981
    Format:doctoral dissertations
    Developing technologies such as in situ solution mining of uranium represent a new, more complex solute transport problem in site restoration than traditional transport problems such as contaminant migration. The method ...
  • Streamflow synthesis and water allocation by water right priorities 

    Author(s):Holt, William Kent
    Date Issued:1980
    Format:masters theses
    A computerized streamflow model was developed that allocates water by the doctrine of prior appropriations. The function of the model is to simulate the impacts of physical or legal changes in a stream system managed on ...

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