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  • Soil mite biodiversity : its relationship to grass species and influence on decomposition in the Konza tallgrass prairie 

    Contributor:Mark George. St. John;
    Date Submitted:2005
    Human activities are responsible for unprecedented extinction rates and global change. Species are disappearing faster than we can record their existence and before we determine their role in ecosystems. In no other system ...
  • Biology of the invasive New Zealand mudsnail in the GYE 

    Contributor:Krist, Amy
    Date Recorded:2017-08-03
    The invasive New Zealand mudsnail arrived in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE) in 1987 and is also invasive in several other parts of the world. In my talk, I will address interactions between this snail and native ...
  • Tetons alpine streams: unsung heroes of diversity and vulnerability 

    Contributor:Finn, Deb
    Date Recorded:2017-07-27
    Alpine streams are the highest-elevation headwaters of major river basins like the Mississippi and Columbia. Unique ecosystems in their own right, alpine streams support a diversity of animals, plants, and microbes that ...
  • Life on the edge: history and status of Teton Range bighorn sheep 

    Contributor:Dewey, Sarah
    Date Recorded:2017-07-20
    The Teton Range is home to a small population of bighorn sheep whose conservation status is of concern because of its small size, isolation from neighboring herds, low genetic diversity, and loss of historic winter range. ...
  • Amy Van Dyken 

    Swimmer Amy Van Dyken is in the pool during a swim meet with Brigham Young University. Van Dyken became an Olympic swimmer, winning 6 gold medals in her career.

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