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  • TreVaughn Hawkins : capstone 

    Contributor:Hawkins, TreVaughn
    Date Submitted:2018
    Duality is an element that’s found in all my artistic works, the methodology I approach every project with, how I live my life, and who I am as a person. But specifically in the context of my works in college, this duality ...
  • Morgan Jones : capstone 

    Contributor:Jones, Morgan
    Date Submitted:2018
    Much of my work deals with the interaction and blending of opposite forms of media and concepts. For instance, a piece may combine digital and physical objects, or natural and mechanical forms. It is the societal and ...
  • Tatianna Raspotnik : capstone 

    Contributor:Raspotnik, Tatianna
    Date Submitted:2018
    I focus on the interaction between the physical and digital worlds since they intertwine more than they ever have before, especially in popular culture. Creating artwork that can live in both a gallery as well as online ...
  • Kaitlin Quick : capstone 

    Contributor:Quick, Kaitlin
    Date Submitted:2018
    There is more to the world than meets the eye. Our perception of our surroundings is entirely in our head. I prefer to focus on the creations of our mind rather than interpretations of the real world. I work in the surreal ...
  • Amelia Falldorf : capstone 

    Contributor:Falldorf, Amelia
    Date Submitted:2018
    Technology itself may be, to some, nothing more than a tool with which to expedite the process of creation; one need only think of the Adobe Suite that dominates the graphics market. However, I view technology as more of ...
  • Leonard Rodriguez : capstone 

    Contributor:Leonard, Rodriguez
    Date Submitted:2017
    For the longest time I never really considered myself a very artistic or creative person. What drew me to the art world was a tendency to think in different ways then the people around me. Through various means I learned ...
  • Laura Morrison Pibel : capstone 

    Contributor:Morrison Pibel, Laura
    Date Submitted:2017
    When I was around the age of 15, I stumbled into electronic art by playing around with HTML and CSS on Tumblr, designing tens of interactive web pages primarily for myself. There was something about this specific form of ...
  • Brandon Hopper : capstone 

    Contributor:Hopper, Brandon
    Date Submitted:2017
    I like to consider myself an interdisciplinary artist. The points where different mediums and art forms overlap are where I like to operate. I believe that all art and design is a combination of different ideas and influences. ...
  • Elyssa Evans : capstone 

    Contributor:Evans, Elyssa
    Date Submitted:2017
    A prominent theme of my work is the blending of different eras, of old and of new, of retro and modern, in aesthetics or in methods of creation. Digital art and design, while a relatively new and modern form of art making, ...
  • Celina Lucero : capstone 

    Contributor:Lucero, Celina
    Date Submitted:2017
    My works are inspired by the amazing creations that inhabit the entertainment industry, particularly those within the animation and videogame industry. My childhood memories are filled with fantastical scenes from Disney ...
  • Tyler Benke : capstone 

    Contributor:Benke, Tyler
    Date Submitted:2017
    My art captures imagination. Whether it is the childlike imagination I fondly remember, or my own ever growing thoughts and ideas, I confide my feelings in my artwork. In exploring these feelings, I find that I am most ...
  • Rachel Stern : capstone 

    Contributor:Stern, Rachel
    Date Submitted:2017
    Our technology has made us all librarians of our memories. We have hundreds of pictures on our phones, work from years ago on our computers, and music playlists that are like time capsules. I find it funny how robots never ...
  • Clarissa Brobst : capstone 

    Contributor:Brobst, Clarissa
    Date Submitted:2017
    Art is the place where I interpret stories, but in my medium — video— I can show and provide many stories to viewers. Stories can evolve from the past, present or future. The past can mesmerize and enlighten others to ...
  • Amanda Freix : capstone 

    Contributor:Freix, Amanda
    Date Submitted:2017
    As an artist, I have always been drawn to the element of narration that can be found in artwork. Even prior to my interest in animation, I created art that could invoke a moment of a story, even if it was the only existing ...
  • Bayley Warren : capstone 

    Contributor:Warren, Bayley
    Date Submitted:2016
    My art explores the idea of memory and how we reflect on the past; I work to find new ways to touch on memory using html, video and animation. I am interested in engaging the viewer and creating an experience between them ...
  • Emily Le : capstone 

    Contributor:Le, Emily
    Date Submitted:2016
    It took some time to find my footing here in the Colorado State University Department of Art and Art History. I came in blind, not knowing what the next four years would look like for me. I questioned the definition of art ...
  • Kristen Lockie : capstone 

    Contributor:Lockie, Kristen
    Date Submitted:2016
    For me a large part of my art and creative expression is my personal determination. I’ve always wanted to tell stories with my art and I’ve always loved comic books. For me the materials need to be able to tell the stories ...
  • Annmarie Carlson : capstone 

    Contributor:Carlson, Annmarie
    Date Submitted:2016
    Art for me has always been about interpreting and communicating the world I see around me as well as finding innovative techniques to do so. Interactivity is what has drawn me to Electronic Art. At first my work was focused ...
  • Brady Dilworth : capstone 

    Contributor:Dilworth, Brady
    Date Submitted:2015
    Why do I create art? The simplest answer to this answer is because I enjoy it. I love the process, I love the end result and it makes other people happy. I have no hidden agenda behind my art, no secret meaning or tricks. ...
  • Rachael Schneider : capstone 

    Contributor:Schneider, Rachael
    Date Submitted:2015
    My focus is electronic art and interactive media. As a child, I grew up in the middle of nowhere. My sisters and I had to use our imagination to entertain ourselves. Through this, I became very inquisitive. I liked to ...

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