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Moskoe, Sabrina, artist and filmmaker

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The artist's statement: I'm a visual designer, new media artist, and researcher who creates art and design. Driven by interdisciplinary thought that encompasses art, design, technology, and social science, my work explores physical and digital landscapes as well as the human perception of these spaces. Working primarily in digital software and computer programming, I utilize my experience in graphic design, game design, and illustration to experiment with various media such as virtual/augmented reality, animation, large-scale installations, and computer vision. My artistic endeavors reference and take inspiration from the experiences provided by video games and the field of UI/product design.


Video description: Figure 1: Inspired by basic concepts from mathematics and physics, [Galacticground] is a digital 3d space and animation that investigates the concept of the universe. The rotating circular forms are simple, yet they hold rich meaning from sacred geometry, circular mechanical motion, and distinct artistic visuals. (Source: Artist's description of work taken from vimeo.)
Colorado State University Art and Art History Department capstone project.
Video description: Figure 2: In an investigation of the dreamy unconscious, "If a Computer Could Dream" follows the dream of a computer. The animation distinguishes the realm of the realm and of the digital by utilizing loose, organic lines and rigid, geometric line work, respectively. As the computer's dream unfolds, the computer becomes personified through a sketch of an avatar that explores some aspects of being human, such as the sense of sight and taste. Through the dream, humanity and machine become connected. (Source: Artist's description of work taken from vimeo.)
Capstone contains the artist's statement, a list of works, and images of works.
Video description: Figure 3 is an installation that utilizes programming, 2D animation, and digital illustration that allows the viewer to control the locations of the colored dots projected onto the drawing by moving a computer mouse. (Source: Artist's description of work.)
Accessibility features: Video description.
Video description: Figure 4 is an installation that utilizes programming and virtual game development software that allows the viewer to either make the plant bloom or decay according to their hand position as detected by a webcam. (Source: Artist's description of work.)

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