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  • Some two-step sampling procedures 

    Author(s):Connell, Terrence Lee
    Date Submitted:1966
    Two-step sampling procedures are presented to estimate the variance of a normal distribution and the mean of a Poisson distribution within d units with a specified confidence coefficient. The procedure to estimate the ...
  • Hydraulics of rigid boundary basins 

    Author(s):Watts, Frederick Jay
    Date Submitted:1968
    The object of the study was to develop design criteria for three classes (A, B and C) of rigid boundary energy dissipating structures. The Class A basin has a smooth floor and flaring vertical walls; the Class B basin is ...
  • Mathematical modeling of response from small watershed 

    Author(s):Li, Ruh-Ming
    Date Submitted:1974
    The physical quantities which describe the major watershed response to the precipitation are the water yield, the sediment yield, and the resultant stream morphology. This study provides the theoretical background and ...
  • Theory and design of stable channels in alluvial materials 

    Author(s):Simons, Daryl B.
    Date Submitted:1957
  • Terminal fall velocity of particles of irregular shapes as affected by surface area 

    Author(s):Alger, George R.
    Date Submitted:1964
    The objective of this research is to study the effect of surface area on terminal fall velocity of particles and objects of irregular shapes. An auxiliary study was also made in a qualitative manner on the effect of various ...
  • Petrology and structure of precambrian crystalline and tertiary igneous rocks, Manhattan District, Larimer County, Colorado 

    Author(s):Samuelson, Donald Robert
    Date Submitted:1971
    The Manhattan district is located in the northwest quarter of the Rustic quadrangle about 30 miles northwest of Fort Collins, Colorado, and includes approximately five square miles of primarily Precambrian terrane. Biotite ...
  • Computerized space flight planning 

    Author(s):Brown, Craig Matthew
    Date Submitted:1973
    This thesis analyses manual and computerized techniques of preparing timelines of crew activities and orbital parameters in support of the NASA Skylab program. A brief discussion of timelines and their use in mission ...
  • Water supplies of the South Platte River Basin 

    Author(s):Gerlek, Stephen
    Date Submitted:1977
    It has been told that early plains travelers declared the great arid region west of the Missouri River a desert which could never become the home of civilized man. While this may have been the prevailing sentiment of many, ...
  • Occupational experience and technical competence of vo-ag teachers 

    Author(s):Oades, John Douglas
    Date Submitted:1976
    The main purpose of this study was to determine if there was a significant relationship between ability to perform selected technical agriculture competencies and certain other variables dealing with the related occupational ...
  • Estimates of the bivariate distribution function at quantile points 

    Author(s):Butler, Calvin Charles
    Date Submitted:1966
    To view the abstract, please see the full text of the document.
  • Weight change, body condition and beef-cow reproduction 

    Author(s):Whitman, Richard Warren
    Date Submitted:1975
    I. Data compiled on 686 Angus and Hereford cows 2 to 11 years old fed different levels of energy before and after calving were analyzed by the method of least squares to determine the effect of individual weight change and ...
  • Sand dispersion in a laboratory flume 

    Author(s):Yang, Tsung
    Date Submitted:1968
    This study is concerned mainly with the longitudinal dispersion of sand particles along the bed of an alluvial channel under conditions of steady, uniform flow. Attention is focused on developing a general one-dimensional ...
  • Low-sensitivity active filter design 

    Author(s):Geiger, Randall Lee
    Date Submitted:1977
    At high frequencies, the performance of active filters is impaired by the frequency dependent nature of the operational amplifiers. Much research has been devoted to the design of active filters with reduced dependence on ...
  • Age estimation technique and some normal blood values for mountain lions (Felis concolor), An 

    Author(s):Currier, Mary Jean Pfile
    Date Submitted:1979
    The objectives of this study were: (1) to devise a method for estimating the ages of individual, wild-caught mountain lions, (2) to identify the normal ranges of various physiological and morphological parameters in the ...
  • Clonal multiplication of carnation by micropropagation 

    Author(s):Davis, Michael Jay
    Date Submitted:1975
    Clonal multiplication of carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus L.) was accomplished in three stages: (1) shoot tip culture initiation, (2) shoot multiplication , and (3) rooting stages . Shoot tips approximately 1 mm in height, ...
  • Ethnicity and mobility orientations: a study of the Mexican-Americans of southern Colorado 

    Author(s):Ward, Valerie Lynn
    Date Submitted:1972
    Data analyzed in this study are from questionnaire responses of 645 Mexican American high school students from schools in southern Colorado. The sample included both males and females at the junior and senior levels. The ...
  • Statistical properties of dune profiles 

    Author(s):Nordin, Jr., Carl F
    Date Submitted:1968
    Properties of sand waves formed by subcritical unidirectional water currents are investigated by statistical analyses of records of streambed profiles. Records of bed elevation y as a function of distance x along the ...
  • Investigation of wet and dry years by runs 

    Author(s):Saldarriaga, Jaime
    Date Submitted:1969
    A technique is advanced for testing the structure of time series, with the basic statistical parameter being the mean run-length. This technique is shown to be distribution-free, as opposed to other techniques of investigation ...
  • Simple ice phase parameterization, A 

    Author(s):Stephens, Mark Argyle
    Date Submitted:1979
    A two variable ice parameterization was developed for use in three dimensional models of cumulonimbus clouds and mesoscale squall lines. Bulk water techniques were employed to simulate the growth and decay of snow crystals ...
  • Physical mechanisms of extra area effects from weather modification 

    Author(s):Mulvey, G. (Gerald)
    Date Submitted:1977
    One of the complexities of weather modification, namely extra area effects have long posed an opportunity for the long-term control of the earth's weather. This study investigates the physical mechanisms by which cloud ...

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