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Hell hath no limits


The first part of the thesis is a study of the mythological elements in the works of José Donoso. Seen on the mythological plane, the novels are not so much a trilogy as variations upon a single theme. Coronación presents the basic sketch of the powerful goddess figure, which is studied from two distinct angles in the later novels. Esta domingo is concerned with the Great Goddess of the earliest myths, before the patriarchal figure came into power. El lugar sin límites deals with the later conflict of the goddess and the god, and in this variation the goddess is overpowered. The second part of the thesis is the translation into English of El lugar sin límites. The novel has two themes: the portrayal of the power of a corrupt politician, who destroys a small town and dooms its inhabitants to oblivion or death; and the life and brutal murder of an aging transvestite, who is one of the town's inhabitants.


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Donoso, José, 1924-1996


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