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  • Lesbian artist as a child, The 

    Contributor:Rudlaff, Barbara;
    Date Submitted:2018
    My thesis project is an artistic response to my experiences growing up as a feminist lesbian in the United States, England and Belgium in the 1970's and 80's. My monochromatic, childhood self-portraits reference some of ...
  • See man 

    Contributor:Jones, Adam;
    Date Submitted:2018
    My research asks a series of questions about how societal pressures sculpt male cultural roles in the United States. What components constitutes being a man? How have the constructed ideologies adopted by Americans affected ...
  • Even flowers can grow out of a mound of shit 

    Contributor:Singer, Kyle Vincent;
    Date Submitted:2018
    In this paper, I attempt to explore the importance of flaws, trauma, and repression within the artistic process. I assert the need for self-scrutiny and cathartic expression of my inner struggles. Using surrealist ...
  • Habitation : anthropocentric notions of home 

    Contributor:Laugen, Melissa;
    Date Submitted:2018
    One of the most essential human conditions is to seek and establish a home. Conceptualization of home is generated by the material and psychological structures impacted by our shared cultural ideals. The vernacular of the ...
  • Lema sabachthani 

    Contributor:Meyer, Andrew Franklin;
    Date Submitted:2018
    This body of work is a combination of exploration within classic methods of printmaking, as well as, a new advance in the technical application of building a resist in Intaglio printmaking. This thesis is a representation ...
  • In repeat : scars, structures and surfaces 

    Contributor:Miller, Carrie;
    Date Submitted:2018
    This body of work investigates the veiling and revealing of physical and emotional scars. A link is made between these kinds of scarring by observing the structured space that the body provides for the psyche. While equating ...
  • Process of proliferating change, The 

    Contributor:Bisbee, Taylor Lee;
    Date Submitted:2018
    My research focuses on the relationship between self, community, and the environment. How through direct experience with the processes of nature and printmaking, a better understanding of existing harmoniously with the ...
  • Places as sites of experience 

    Contributor:Allen, Sonja;
    Date Submitted:2018
    I am sensitive to my environment, and to how perceptions of an experience within a particular geographic location are effected through the relationship of body, object, and place. My work oscillates between human induced ...
  • Between viewing and experiencing 

    Contributor:Adams, Margaret;
    Date Submitted:2018
    Psychologist, American philosopher, and educational reformer John Dewey, once said, "Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally ...
  • Ontology of the ineffable, The 

    Contributor:Miller, Zachary;
    Date Submitted:2018
    In this essay, Taoism and other philosophical references are juxtaposed with contemporary art historical figures to supplement Zach Miller's explanation of his own artwork. Themes explored include the relationships between ...
  • Packaging human expresschön : the intersection of visual communication, art, and music 

    Contributor:Schwartz, Tim;
    Date Submitted:2017
    The human ability to communicate and share thoughts and ideas is fascinating and is the foundation upon which our cultures and societies have been built. I examine human expression through words, art, graphic design, and ...
  • Collected fragments 

    Contributor:Gabriel, Katie;
    Date Submitted:2017
    This paper explores the connections between memory and identity existing in my artworks that reimagine family photographs. I am interested in the ability of photographs, objects, and patterns to prop up, and in many cases, ...
  • Forging across boundaries 

    Contributor:Bereza, Gene Anthony;
    Date Submitted:2002
    In this thesis I employ my art as a medium for personal narrative and my outlook of the world. I use forged metal in the majority of the works but I also employ other metalsmithing techniques and include non-metal materials ...
  • Gloss : an incomplete glossary 

    Contributor:Lindsten, Scott;
    Date Submitted:2000
    Artmaking at the end of the twentieth century became engulfed by theory. In the wake of such movements as poststructuralism, deconstructionism, and postmodernism, came a reexamination of aesthetics which incorporated an ...
  • Loss and plenty : a banquet of age and spirit 

    Contributor:Sternlieb, Susan Joy;
    Date Submitted:2000
    This exhibition presents a still life tableau on a wooden banquet table, eighteen feet by three and one half feet. The objects on the table are platters, bowls, shards and potatoes of fired clay and urethane rubber. All ...
  • Gifts to a pagan grace 

    Contributor:Streams, Cheryl Josephine;
    Date Submitted:1994
    This thesis explores the inspiration and passion that have transformed my ideas into physical forms. By breaking boundaries, I explore both physical and surrounding space in the process of creating metal forms. Thus, in ...
  • Ubiquitious equine, The 

    Contributor:Kaup, Karla M. Parker;
    Date Submitted:1995
    I have been a connoisseur of the American back road for quite some time now. "Rural America" is a subculture that is quiet, yet powerful. As I swallow endless ribbons of asphalt one common sight has captivated me all my ...
  • Naturaleza muerta 

    Contributor:Mott, Cynthia;
    Date Submitted:1995
    I am constantly seeking out images that surround my daily life. I am attracted to the refuse of man-made objects that are left behind in varying states of decay. They become the records of existence, of the comings and ...
  • Nothing stays unchanged 

    Contributor:Kim, Unmi;
    Date Submitted:1989
    The concepts of time and memory have been the dominant influence in my work for a number of years. The two are inextricably linked to the reality in which we live and the manner in which we perceive that reality. It was ...
  • Planes of reality 

    Contributor:Tisdale, Tracy Lee;
    Date Submitted:1990
    I am using a format of a barrage of selected images to show the inundation of images we as individuals receive on a daily basis. Each panel is composed of bordered images, combined to produce a comprehensive subject. The ...

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