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Intrinsic motions




Trujillo, Isaac, author
Plastini, Johnny, advisor
Dineen, Mark, committee member
Moore, Emily, committee member
Ryan, Ajean, committee member
Wohl, Ellen, committee member

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This graduate thesis describes in-depth research and artworks produced by Isaac Trujillo from 2018-2020. His MFA works created at Colorado State University expresses and captures the importance of traditional printmaking, digital photography and twenty-first-century interpretations of the land art movement. His work contends that the sport of rock climbing, printmaking, and interdisciplinary art practice are all in collaboration with the phenomena of nature. This expands our ideas of a static material world and expresses the constant flux of space through juxtaposition and metaphorical references to geologic time. The primary argument for contemplation is that material things and objects are inevitably in a constant state of change and renewal.


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metaphorical art
contemporary art
Rock climbing as art in the twenty-first century by Isaac Trujillo
philosophical art


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