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History of peculiar traits and others




House, Joshua Bryant, author
Simons, Stephen, advisor
Dormer, James, advisor
Beachy-Quick, Dan, committee member
Lehene, Marius, committee member
Moseman, Eleanor, committee member

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My paranoid neurosis is the focus of my recent printmaking work. The absurd and frequently surreal imagery is derived from the continuous oddity of my everyday thought, from issues I know are clearly the result of overactive imagination or the serious dread of bizarre circumstances I often find myself in. The medium of printmaking allows for obsessive levels of detail and engrossment in the image making process, as well as a granting the ability to make unique marks that other mediums are incapable of. By placing these thoughts in figurative scenarios in a playground of psychological space, I synthesize the connection of symbolism in relationship to personal experience. The final product is a dialogue between the absurd idea and the logical means attempted to bring understanding.


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Print version deaccessioned 2022.

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