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Too legit to quit? How realistic job previews affect early turnover decisions




Solove, Erica D., author
Kraiger, Kurt, advisor
Fisher, Gwenith G., advisor
Graham, Daniel J., committee member
Rosecrance, John, committee member

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Using an organizational sample of call center employees, the current study improved upon conceptual and methodological limitations of prior realistic job preview (RJP) and turnover research to conduct a more rigorous test of RJP effectiveness. Specifically, using both quantitative organizational human resources archival records and qualitative third-party exit interview data, it was expected that an RJP intervention would be related to (1) a decreased voluntary turnover rate, (2) an organizationally unavoidable voluntary exit reason or involuntary exit reason (versus an organizationally avoidable voluntary exit reason), and (3) an increase in organizational tenure among exited employees. Results failed to support a hypothesized relationship between the RJP intervention, lower voluntary turnover rate, and increased organizational tenure among former employees, as effects were in the hypothesized direction but not large enough to establish statistical significance. Results also did not support the hypothesized relationship between the RJP intervention and exit reason. Findings and literature synthesis are pertinent for the design of future RJP research and the implementation of realistic recruitment interventions. Further implications of the results, contributions of the study, limitations, and recommendations for future research are also addressed.


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exit interview
realistic job preview
call center
exit reason


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