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Inference for functional time series with applications to yield curves and intraday cumulative returns




Young, Gabriel J., author
Kokoszka, Piotr S., advisor
Miao, Hong, committee member
Breidt, F. Jay, committee member
Zhou, Wen, committee member

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Econometric and financial data often take the form of a functional time series. Examples include yield curves, intraday price curves and term structure curves. Before an attempt is made to statistically model or predict such series, we must address whether or not such a series can be assumed stationary or trend stationary. We develop extensions of the KPSS stationarity test to functional time series. Motivated by the problem of a change in the mean structure of yield curves, we also introduce several change point methods applied to dynamic factor models. For all testing procedures, we include a complete asymptotic theory, a simulation study, illustrative data examples, as well as details of the numerical implementation of the testing procedures. The impact of scheduled macroeconomic announcements has been shown to account for sizable fractions of total annual realized stock returns. To assess this impact, we develop methods of derivative estimation which utilize a functional analogue of local-polynomial smoothing. The confidence bands are then used to find time intervals of statistically increasing cumulative returns.


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