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Atmospheric transport of hydrogen sulfide from proposed geothermal power plant (units 13, 14, 16, and 18) for the west wind direction: predictions by physical modeling in a wind tunnel




Cermak, Jack E., author
Petersen, Ronald L., author
Fluid Dynamics and Diffusion Laboratory, Fluid Mechanics and Wind Engineering Program, Colorado State University, publisher

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Tests were conducted in the Colorado State University environmental wind tunnel facility of the transport and dispersion of the H2S plume emanating from cooling towers positioned at four locations in the Geysers area. The wind tunnel tests were conducted with the cooling towers and terrain modeled to a scale of 1:1920. Ground-level concentrations were measured in the vicinity of Anderson Springs for selected wind speeds and one wind direction. Ground-level concentration patterns were established for each test condition studied. Data obtained include photographs and motion pictures of smoke plume trajectories as well as ground-level tracer gas concentrations downwind of the cooling towers.


Prepared for Pacific Gas and Electric Company.
Includes bibliographical references (page 12).
November 1977.

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Geothermal power plants -- Environmental aspects -- California -- Lake County
Wind tunnel models
Hydrogen sulfide
Atmospheric diffusion
Mathematical models


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