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Approximate joint probability distributions of the turbulence along a hypothetical missile trajectory downwind of a sinusoidal model ridge




Plate, Erich J., author
Yeh, Fei Fan, author
Kung, Robin Jung, 1939-, author
Fluid Dynamics and Diffusion Laboratory, College of Engineering, Colorado State University, publisher

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The wind field is investigated which is encountered by a missile traveling along a hypothetical trajectory downwind of a two-dimensional ridge. Reasons are given for studying this situation in a wind tunnel. The problem is reduced to the determination of turbulence spectra and of joint probabilities for the joint occurrence of two velocities simultaneously along the trajectory which corresponds to mean flow conditions. In the theoretical part an attempt is made to obtain approximations to the joint probability density distributions which yield to experimental evaluation. The experimental part is concerned with measurements of profiles of mean velocities and turbulent intensities and with the determination of turbulence data for evaluating spectra and joint probability distributions.


February 1969.
Prepared for U.S. Army Material Command.

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Wind tunnel models


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