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Study of peak rates of runoff in eastern Colorado and adjacent areas: final report




Schleusener, Richard A., author
Smith, George L., author
Grant, Lewis O., author
Colorado State University, Civil Engineering Section, publisher

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A study was made of the factors affecting peak rates of runoff, in the semi-arid region of eastern Colorado and adjacent areas. Within this region, annual maximum floods, on watersheds less than 1000 square miles, are usually the result of intense rainfall over a limited area. The investigation reveals that peak rates of runoff from ungagged watersheds can be estimated from parameters of watershed area, channel slope, and a soil infiltration index in the region east of the Rocky Mountain Foothills. In the Rocky Mountain Foothills, estimates of peak rates of runoff from ungagged watersheds can be made using watershed contributing area, elevation, and location. Design procedures for estimating peak rates of runoff in these regions are illustrated by examples. Results of the studies used to develop these design procedures are presented in summary form.


May 1960.
Includes bibliographical references (page 90).
Prepared under the sponsorship of the Hydraulic Research Division, U.S. Bureau of Public Roads and the Colorado Department of Highways.

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Groundwater flow -- Measurement -- Mathematical models
Groundwater flow -- Mathematical models


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