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Spin dynamics in solids




Bronnimann, Charles E., author

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The work described in this thesis falls into two largely unrelated categories. Part I of the thesis reports unusually fast 13C spin diffusion in adamantane. A calculation of the 13C spin-diffusion rate from first order perturbation theory is presented and compared to the experimental data. There is good agreement between calculation and experiment for relatively small mixing times. Motional averaging of 13C- 1H dipolar coupling is found to be responsible for the unusually efficient 13C spin-diffusion in adamantane. Further enhancement of 13C spin-diffusion should be possible by carrying out mixing in the rotating frame. This is experimentally verified for adamantane. Part II discussed 13C NMR of methanol adsorbed on HY zeolite. Three species were distinguished on the basis of their different spin-lattice, spin-spin (spin diffusion) and chemical properties shift. These were: a species exhibiting liquid-like mobility, a species chemically adsorbed onto the wall of the large cage of the zeolite, and a species chemically adsorbed onto the wall of the small cage of the zeolite.


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Rotational motion
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