Evaluation of the impact of the multicultural curriculum infusion project on faculty participants at Colorado State University

Hughes, Blanche Mitchell, author
Turner, Ronny E., advisor
Brouillette, John R., committee member
Banning, James H., committee member
Eitzen, D. Stanley, committee member
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The Multicultural Curriculum Project at Colorado State University was designed to provide an opportunity for faculty to acquire training and support for the infusion of multicultural material into their courses. This project included faculty facilitation, mentoring, and resources that provided this training and support for the faculty. The project, which began in 1990, has included over ninety faculty participants. The focus of this study was to assess how faculty participants evaluated the impact of the training and resources on their teaching, research, and service at Colorado State University. The following research questions were addressed: 1. How did the project impact faculty participants' teaching? 2. How did the project impact faculty participants' research? 3. How did the project impact the faculty participants' service? 4. What other significant impacts did the project have on faculty participants? 5. Were there changes in how faculty perceived these impacts over a four year time period with a specific focus on whether the faculty felt that they were more active and effective change agents after completing the project? As a result of this study the Multicultural Curriculum Infusion Project can be enhanced to serve as one of the models for other such university programs.
1995 Fall.
Includes bibliographical references.
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Curriculum change
Multicultural education
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