Basic and regional characteristics of streamflow in the Upper Colorado River Basin: interim report

Engelen, G. B., author
Morel-Seytoux, Hubert J., author
Department of Civil Engineering, Hydrology & Water Resources Program, Colorado State University, publisher
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This report describes the first phase of a research project concerned with two somewhat related subjects: 1. The study of the flow regimen of the rivers in the Upper Colorado River Basin and their relation to differences in geology, geomorphology, latitude, longitude, and physiographic parameters. 2. The application of such relations to the selection of hydrologically suitable basins for precipitation management. In this report, only general results about the flow characteristics of the streams in the Upper Colorado River Basin are presented. The determination of the streamflow characteristics was obtained from monthly flow data as published by the U.S. Geological Survey and corrected for diversions and regulations. Corrected records, stored on magnetic tape, for 707 stations were used in the study. From the monthly flow data mean yearly hydrographs have been computed for all stations. These hydrographs are expressed as specific yield in units of inches, cfs/sq. mi and liters per second per km2. The hydrographs are drawn on regular (linear), semi-logarithmic and double logarithmic scales. Monthly duration curves and mean yearly graphs of monthly coefficients of variation are also presented. This report contains a brief description of the methodology for the calculations, samples of computer output, tables of the calculated values and samples of various kinds of graphs which present in a concise and appealing visual way the characteristics of each gaging station. Maps with the results for the Colorado River Basin Project Area, a Bureau of Reclamation program of precipitation management in the San Juan Mountains area of Colorado, are given. A second report to be published later will contain an interpretation of the results and the implications for precipitation management.
December 1970.
Includes bibliographical reference (pages 23-24).
Prepared for: Bureau of Reclamation, Division of Atmospheric Water Resources Management, Denver, Colorado, Project Skywater.
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