Recent Submissions

  • Trail log - 2018 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    Trip to Richmond, Va. Pocahontas State Park and Mary Washington University, April; flora in Rocky Mountain National Park, June; First Presbyterian Church (Fort Collins) Camp, lectures and creation care conservation, with ...
  • Trail log - 2017 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    Local hikes, Pasqueflowers, Rocky Mountain National Park; Oregon State University, Corvallis, University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, and hikes there; International Society for Environmental Ethics (ISEE) at Highlands Camp, ...
  • Trail log - 2016 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    Local hikes; March, Yellowstone wolf week; May-June, Taiwan, speaking, and local environmental trips and issues there, meeting with Chen Chien-Jen, vice-president of the country, Yehliu Geopark, Yang-Ming Shan National ...
  • Trail log - 1960-1969 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    These are records Rolston kept of trails and trips, only of special trips before he moved West to Colorado. 1960-1964. No records. 1965. July 29-August 23. Wilderness horseback trip in the San Juan Mountains, vicinity of ...
  • Trail log - 2015 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    May, Wuhan, China, Conference, Chinese Environmental Ethics, and trip to Three Gorges Dam. June, Pomona, California, Conference "Seizing an Alternative: Toward an Ecological Civilization," Claremont colleges, John Cobb, ...
  • Trail log - 2014 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    Rolston accounts of 2014: wolves in Yellowstone, March 3-9, local hikes. Mongolia July 3-19, Ulaanbaatar, Buddhist monasteries, drive across steppe, ger camp Hoyor Zagal, Elsen Tasarkhai Scenic Area, sheep, goats, horses, ...
  • Trail log - 2013 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    Rolston accounts: February - March, natural history trip to India, sightings of tigers, leopards, bar-headed geese, Saurus cranes, peacocks, cheetal (spotted deer), sambar (swamp deer), barasinga, nilgai, gaur, hanuman ...
  • Trail log - 1995-1997 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    Rolston accounts: Africa: East Africa, South Africa, 1995, Slovenia, 1995. Yellowstone wolves. Minnesota wolves. Sweden, Oxford, Denmark, Romania, Estonia, 1996. Australia, 1996. Siberia, Lake Baikal, 1997.
  • Trail log - 1990-1994 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    Rolston accounts: South Africa, October 1990. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Brazil and United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), Rio de Janeiro. Pantanal. Amazon, 1992. Europe, Wales,, Scotland, ...
  • Trail log - 1998-1999 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    Rolston accounts: India and Nepal, 1998. Pokhara, trek in Annapurna vicinity, Royal Chitwan National Park, Mount Everest area trip. Finland, Aesthetics of Mires and Peatlands, Norway, North Cape, Murmansk, Russia, 1998. ...
  • Trail log - 1980-1989 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    Rolston accounts of wilderness trips, Colorado, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia. Ontario, Canada. Symposia, Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Montana State University, Zen Buddhism, Kyoto, Japan. Field botany ...
  • Trail log - 1970-1979 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    Rolston accounts of climbs of Long’s Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park in 1970 and 1971. Accounts of hiking and backpacking, Appalachian Trail, Shenandoah National Park, Virginia. Accounts of Rawah Mountains, Mt. Elbert, ...
  • Trail log - 2005-2009 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    Rolston accounts of: Belize, 2005. Iceland, 2005. Yukon Territory, 2005. Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness, 2005. Yale University, 2005-2006. Nassau, Bahamas. 2006-2007. Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, 2007. Serengeti wildebeest ...
  • Trail log - 2000-2004 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    Rolston accounts of: Antarctica, 2000 Yellowstone wolves. Backroads China, 2000. Brazil: Campo Grande and Pantanal. Churchill, Manitoba, and northern lights, 2001. Llama packing, Escalante Canyon, Utah. Guam and Inter-Pacific ...
  • Trail log - 2010-2011 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    Rolston accounts of trips: 2010 Colby College, and Maine woods, April. Virginia and Shenandoah Mountains, Rockbridge Baths, VA, April. Yellowstone National Park, Wildlife Watching and Wolf Ecology and Management Seminars, ...
  • Trail log - 2012 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    Rolston accounts of Yellowstone wolves, March; Utah Valley University and Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, April, Socorro isopods (endangered species), Socorro, NM; Rediscovering Aldo Leopold's "Green Fire" site of wolf ...