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    Trail log - 2022
    (Colorado State University. Libraries, 2022) Rolston, Holmes, 1932-, author
    Summary: January, Disastrous wildfires near Boulder, Colorado. January, Tonga, the Hunga Tonga–Hunga Ha'apai Volcano erupted, largest atmospheric explosion in recorded history. Pasqueflowers at Easter. September, Queen Elizabeth's death, our memories of her in her youth, and of Prince Philip awarding me the Templeton Prize in Buckingham Palace in 2003. December, Mauna Loa erupting.
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    Trail log - 2021
    (Colorado State University. Libraries, 2021) Rolston, Holmes, 1932-, author
    Summary: Death of our son, Giles Campbell Rolston, in January, and in August scattered his cremated remains on a trail in Rocky Mountain National Park on which he and I had once done a 30 mile, ten day backpack. Covid 19 vaccinations. Blizzard in March. Wildflowers. Pasqueflower at Easter. Spring birding. June - tornado in Weld County. August - video presentation, Shangdong, China. October - video: "From Shenandoah to the Mountain West," Yosemite. December, wind gusts above 100 mph.
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    Trail log - 2020
    (Colorado State University. Libraries, 2020) Rolston, Holmes, 1932-, author
    Summary: January: Nashville, TN, and memorial service Robert Crumby; CSU and city shut-down from Coronavirus; April-May: record cold in U.S. Northeast; Comet Neowise; wildfires, Cameron Peak Fire, Pine Gulch Fire.
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    Trail log - 2019
    (Colorado State University. Libraries, 2019) Rolston, Holmes, 1932-, author
    Summary: March: "bomb cyclone," heavy snow. April: Pasqueflowers on Good Friday; June: Templeton Annual Meeting in Nassau. July: International Society for Environmental Ethics (ISEE) Annual Meeting in H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest, Oregon. Spotted owls vs. barred owls. August 31-September 1. Redfeather Lakes to visit daughter Shonny on her newly acquired property there. Trip to Creedmore Lakes. November 25-26. 15.5 inches of snow - second most snow on record in Fort Collins in November.
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    Trail log - 2018
    (Colorado State University. Libraries, 2018) Rolston, Holmes, 1932-, author
    Trip to Richmond, Va. Pocahontas State Park and Mary Washington University, April; flora in Rocky Mountain National Park, June; First Presbyterian Church (Fort Collins) Camp, lectures and creation care conservation, with moose in camp, Rocky Mountain National Park, July; Templeton Prize, King Abdullah II of Jordan, awarded in Washington National Cathedral; Thanksgiving at my Grandfather's old home and farm near Marion, Alabama, trip to Mobile, Alabama, November.
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    Trail log - 2017
    (Colorado State University. Libraries, 2017) Rolston, Holmes, 1932-, author
    Local hikes, Pasqueflowers, Rocky Mountain National Park; Oregon State University, Corvallis, University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, and hikes there; International Society for Environmental Ethics (ISEE) at Highlands Camp, Allenspark, Colorado; Zimmerman Lake Trail, Poudre Canyon, wildflowers collected; Boston Peak Fen Research Natural Area; Shenandoah National Park, Virginia and York River tidal area, Virginia; Aspen colors on Peak to Peak Highway; Turkey Trot, 2017.
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    Trail log - 2016
    (Colorado State University. Libraries, 2016) Rolston, Holmes, 1932-, author
    Local hikes; March, Yellowstone wolf week; May-June, Taiwan, speaking, and local environmental trips and issues there, meeting with Chen Chien-Jen, vice-president of the country, Yehliu Geopark, Yang-Ming Shan National Park; June-July, Banff and Icefields Parkway, Canada; July, Virginia Beach, Virginia, First Landing State Park, sea kayaks and porpoises; September, Colorado Native Plant Society Conference, Boulder, Colorado, Jewel Mountain Habitat Conservation Area.
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    Trail log - 1960-1969
    (Colorado State University. Libraries, 1960-1969) Rolston, Holmes, 1932-, author
    These are records Rolston kept of trails and trips, only of special trips before he moved West to Colorado. 1960-1964. No records. 1965. July 29-August 23. Wilderness horseback trip in the San Juan Mountains, vicinity of Durango, Colorado. 1966. Rolston accompanies his wife to the University of Maine. While she takes a class re-certifying her teaching certificate, Rolston prowls the Maine woods. Flora of Maine Sphagnum bogs. Rolston climbs Mt. Katahdin, also The Traveler. Impressions of New England. Trip to nearby Canada. Bay of Fundy and the tidal bore. 1967. July 13-July 23. Rolston led Boy Scout trip to Philmont Scout Ranch, New Mexico; July 27-August 5. Grand Canyon River Run, Lee's Ferry to Lake Mead followed by text of an article published as "Bristolian Shoots Rapids on American's Wildest River," Bristol (Virginia) Herald Courier, August 27, 1967, p., 5A. 1968. Rolston moved to Colorado August 1968 and records are more thorough afterward; Local Colorado trails and trips, fall 1968. 1969. Local Colorado trails and trips.
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    Trail log - 2015
    (Colorado State University. Libraries, 2015) Rolston, Holmes, 1932-, author
    May, Wuhan, China, Conference, Chinese Environmental Ethics, and trip to Three Gorges Dam. June, Pomona, California, Conference "Seizing an Alternative: Toward an Ecological Civilization," Claremont colleges, John Cobb, Bill McKibben, Vandana Shiva, Wes Jackson. June, Bahamas, Nassau, Templeton Foundation Meeting, and Powerboat Adventure, trip to Allen's Cay and Ship Channel Cay. July, trip to Kiel Germany, and International Society for Environmental Ethics, meeting at Christian-Albrechts-Universitët. Field trips to Dasenmoor, peat bog, and Wadden Sea, intertidal zone, tidal flats and wetlands. October, trip to Virginia to speak at Westminster Canterbury Richmond and to Shenandoah National Park and Shenandoah Valley. Local hikes and trips.
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    Trail log - 2014
    (Colorado State University. Libraries, 2014) Rolston, Holmes, 1932-, author
    Rolston accounts of 2014: wolves in Yellowstone, March 3-9, local hikes. Mongolia July 3-19, Ulaanbaatar, Buddhist monasteries, drive across steppe, ger camp Hoyor Zagal, Elsen Tasarkhai Scenic Area, sheep, goats, horses, birds, sand dunes, Munkh Genger ger camp, Orkon Valley, Naadam Festival, wrestling, horse racing, golden eagles, Khushuu Tsaidan Museum, Gokturk inscriptions, Lake Ögiy Nuur. Hustain Nuruu - Hustai National Park and Przewalski's horses (takhi), the only wild horse, once extinct and reintroduced to the wild. Genghis Khan Memorial, Gun-Guluut Nature Reserve, Steppe Nomads Camp, birds, wildflowers, yak and horse milking, argali sheep (Marco Polo sheep), Terelj area, Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, Khan Khentil Strictly Protected Area, Tuul River, flight to Gobi desert, drive across desert, Gobi Tour Camp at Bayan Zag, camel farm, camel riding, saksaul forest, dinosaur excavations. Montana, September 10-15, Michael Mansfield Conference celebrating 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, Why Wilderness, hiking in Bitterroot Mountains, Blodgett Overlook, Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Reserve; local hikes, West Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Perry Lakes Park, Cahaba River Preserve.
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    Trail log - 2013
    (Colorado State University. Libraries, 2013) Rolston, Holmes, 1932-, author
    Rolston accounts: February - March, natural history trip to India, sightings of tigers, leopards, bar-headed geese, Saurus cranes, peacocks, cheetal (spotted deer), sambar (swamp deer), barasinga, nilgai, gaur, hanuman langurs, wild pigs, 123 bird species. April, trip to Virginia and West Virginia, spring flora. June, East Anglia, Norwich, International Society for Environmental Ethics meeting, Norfolk broads, trip to wildest areas of East Anglia: Covehite and protected shoreline, Staverton Park, a forested area, and "The Thicks." June-July, local hikes in Rocky Mountains. July-August, Virginia Beach and kayak trip into Dismal Swamp to Lake Drummond. August, Snowy Range, Medicine Bow Mountains, Wyoming. September 11-18, 2013, record rains and flooding in Larimer County, Colorado. October, trip to North Carolina and Virginia, fall colors.
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    Trail log - 1995-1997
    (Colorado State University. Libraries, 1995-1997) Rolston, Holmes, 1932-, author
    Rolston accounts: Africa: East Africa, South Africa, 1995, Slovenia, 1995. Yellowstone wolves. Minnesota wolves. Sweden, Oxford, Denmark, Romania, Estonia, 1996. Australia, 1996. Siberia, Lake Baikal, 1997.
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    Trail log - 1990-1994
    (Colorado State University. Libraries, 1990-1994) Rolston, Holmes, 1932-, author
    Rolston accounts: South Africa, October 1990. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Brazil and United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), Rio de Janeiro. Pantanal. Amazon, 1992. Europe, Wales,, Scotland, World Congress of Philosophy, Moscow, 1993, Oxford, England, and Norway, with Arne Naess.Israel and Society for Preservation of Nature in Israel, Eilat, 1994. Finland and North Cape. Bob Marshall Wilderness trip, 1994.
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    Trail log - 1998-1999
    (Colorado State University. Libraries, 1998-1999) Rolston, Holmes, 1932-, author
    Rolston accounts: India and Nepal, 1998. Pokhara, trek in Annapurna vicinity, Royal Chitwan National Park, Mount Everest area trip. Finland, Aesthetics of Mires and Peatlands, Norway, North Cape, Murmansk, Russia, 1998. Sawtooths and River Run, Middle Fork Salmon, Idaho.. North China, nature reserves, 1998. Botswana and Tanzania, 1999. Sawtooths and Bighorn Crags, wilderness hiking. Idaho, 1999.
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    Trail log - 1980-1989
    (Colorado State University. Libraries, 1980-1989) Rolston, Holmes, 1932-, author
    Rolston accounts of wilderness trips, Colorado, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia. Ontario, Canada. Symposia, Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Montana State University, Zen Buddhism, Kyoto, Japan. Field botany with William Weber, University of Colorado, at Meeker, Colorado. Climb of Long's Peak, August 28, 1988, Visit to Aldo Leopold shack, with Nina Leopold Bradley, Wisconsin. Begins with summary of the decade.
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    Trail log - 1970-1979
    (Colorado State University. Libraries, 1970-1979) Rolston, Holmes, 1932-, author
    Rolston accounts of climbs of Long's Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park in 1970 and 1971. Accounts of hiking and backpacking, Appalachian Trail, Shenandoah National Park, Virginia. Accounts of Rawah Mountains, Mt. Elbert, Mt. Massive, Indian Peaks, Colorado, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, Arches National Park, 1970-1979.
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    Trail log - 2005-2009
    (Colorado State University. Libraries, 2005-2009) Rolston, Holmes, 1932-, author
    Rolston accounts of: Belize, 2005. Iceland, 2005. Yukon Territory, 2005. Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness, 2005. Yale University, 2005-2006. Nassau, Bahamas. 2006-2007. Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, 2007. Serengeti wildebeest migration, 2007. Morelia, Mexico, 2008. Galapagos Islands, 2008. Bob Marshall Wilderness, 2008, Taiwan. 2008. Finland, 2009. Korea 2009. London and Royal Institute of Philosophy lecture, 2009.
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    Trail log - 2000-2004
    (Colorado State University. Libraries, 2000-2004) Rolston, Holmes, 1932-, author
    Rolston accounts of: Antarctica, 2000 Yellowstone wolves. Backroads China, 2000. Brazil: Campo Grande and Pantanal. Churchill, Manitoba, and northern lights, 2001. Llama packing, Escalante Canyon, Utah. Guam and Inter-Pacific Science Congress. Spain. Edinburgh. Ethiopia and Uganda, 2003, Gorillas and chimpanzees. Bob Marshall Wilderness, North Chinese Wall, July 2003. Taiwan, March 2004. Teaching, spring term, Washington and Lee University. Lexington, VA, Yosemite National Park, and California Bar Association, Environmental Law.
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    Trail log - 2010-2011
    (Colorado State University. Libraries, 2010-2011) Rolston, Holmes, 1932-, author
    Rolston accounts of trips: 2010 Colby College, and Maine woods, April. Virginia and Shenandoah Mountains, Rockbridge Baths, VA, April. Yellowstone National Park, Wildlife Watching and Wolf Ecology and Management Seminars, wolves, May. Indian Peaks Wilderness, Colorado, Arapaho and Caribou Pass, backpacking, August. Madagascar, lemurs, sifakas, chameleons, spiny forest, October. 2011. March, Yelllowstone wolves, American Church, Paris, March-April. Texas Panhandle, Lubbock, TX, April. Nijmegen, Netherlands, International Society for Environmental Ethics, June. Newcastle, UK: Sixth International conference on Environmental Futures, July. Symposium, Helsingør, Denmark, August. Singapore and South Asia, September. National University of Singapore. Billyoh Wetland Reserve, Singapore. Indonesia and Komodo dragons. Cambodia. Viet Nam.
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    Trail log - 2012
    (Colorado State University. Libraries, 2012) Rolston, Holmes, 1932-, author
    Rolston accounts of Yellowstone wolves, March; Utah Valley University and Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, April, Socorro isopods (endangered species), Socorro, NM; Rediscovering Aldo Leopold's "Green Fire" site of wolf kill, Apache National Forest, Arizona; July-August; Medicine Bow Mountains, Wyoming, August.