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  • Bayesian Correction Approach for Improving Dual-Frequency Precipitation Radar Rainfall Rate Estimates, A 

    Author(s):Ma, Yingzhao; Chandrasekar, V.; Biswas, Sounak K.
    Date Issued:2020-01-27
    Format:born digital; articles
    The accurate estimation of precipitation is an important objective for the Dual-frequency Precipitation Radar (DPR), which is located on board the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) satellite core observatory. In this ...
  • Plasmoid ejection and secondary current sheet generation from magnetic reconnection in laser-plasma interaction 

    Author(s):Dong, Quan-Li; Wang, Shou-Jun; Lu, Quan-Ming; Huang, Can; Yuan, Da-Wei; Liu, Xun; Lin, Xiao-Xuan; Li, Yu-Tong; Wei, Hui-Gang; Zhong, Jia-Yong; Shi, Jian-Rong; Jiang, Shao-En; Ding, Yong-Kun; Jiang, Bo-Bin; Du, Kai; He, Xian-Tu; Yu, M. Y.; Liu, C. S.; Wang, Shui; Tang, Yong-Jian; Zhu, Jian-Qiang; Zhao, Gang; Sheng, Zheng-Ming; Zhang, Jie
    Date Issued:2012-05-25
    Format:born digital; articles
    Reconnection of the self-generated magnetic fields in laser-plasma interaction was first investigated experimentally by Nilson et al. [Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 255001 (2006)] by shining two laser pulses a distance apart on a ...
  • Wavefront improvement in an injection-seeded soft x-ray laser based on a solid-target plasma amplifier 

    Author(s):Li, Lu; Wang, Yong; Wang, Shoujun; Oliva, Eduardo; Yin, Liang; Le, T. T. Thuy; Daboussi, Sameh; Ros, David; Maynard; Gilles; Sebban, Stephane; Hu, Bitao; Rocca, Jorge J; Zeitoun, Philippe
    Date Issued:2013-10-15
    Format:born digital; articles
    The wavefront of an injection-seeded soft x-ray laser beam generated by amplification of high-harmonic pulses in a λ=18.9 nm molybdenum plasma amplifier was measured by a Hartmann wavefront sensor with an accuracy of λ/32 ...
  • Single-shot soft x-ray laser linewidth measurement using a grating interferometer 

    Author(s):Wang, Y.; Yin, L.; Wang, S.; Marconi, M. C.; Dunn, J.; Gullikson, E.; Rocca, J. J.
    Date Issued:2013-12-01
    Format:born digital; articles
    The linewidth of a 14.7 nm wavelength Ni-like Pd soft x-ray laser was measured in a single shot using a soft x-ray diffraction grating interferometer. The instrument uses the time delay introduced by the gratings across ...
  • Efficient picosecond x-ray pulse generation from plasmas in the radiation dominated regime 

    Author(s):Hollinger, Reed; Bargsten, Clayton; Shlyaptsev, Vyacheslav N.; Kaymak, Vural; Pukhov, Alexander; Capeluto, Maria Gabriela; Wang, Shoujun; Rockwood, Alex; Wang, Yong; Townsend, Amanda; Prieto, Amy; Stockton, Patrick; Curtis, Alden; Rocca, Jorge J.
    Date Issued:2017-10-27
    Format:born digital; articles
    The efficient conversion of optical laser light into bright ultrafast x-ray pulses in laser created plasmas is of high interest for dense plasma physics studies, material science, and other fields. However, the rapid ...
  • Characteristic measurements of silicon dioxide aerogel plasmas generated in a Planckian radiation environment 

    Author(s):Dong, Quan-Li; Wang, Shou-Jun; Li, Yu-Tong; Zhang, Yi; Zhao, Jing; Wei, Hui-Gang; Shi, Jian-Rong; Zhao, Gang; Zhang, Ji-Yan; Gu, Yu-Qiu; Ding, Yong-Kun; Wen, Tian-Shu; Zhang, Wen-Hai; Hu, Xin; Liu, Shen-Ye; Zhang, Lin; Tang, Yong-Jian; Zhang, Bao-Han; Zheng, Zhi-Jian; Nishimura, Hiroaki; Fujioka, Shinsuke; Wang, Fei-Lu; Takabe, Hideaki; Zhang, Jie
    Date Issued:2010-01-06
    Format:born digital; articles
    The temporally and spatially resolved characteristics of silicon dioxide aerogel plasmas were studied using x-ray spectroscopy. The plasma was generated in the near-Planckian radiation environment within gold hohlraum ...
  • 0.85  PW laser operation at 3.3  Hz and high-contrast ultrahigh-intensity λ = 400  nm second-harmonic beamline 

    Author(s):Wang, Yong; Wang, Shoujun; Rockwood, Alex; Luther, Bradley M.; Hollinger, Reed; Curtis, Alden; Calvi, Chase; Menoni, Carmen S.; Rocca, Jorge J.
    Date Issued:2017-09-22
    Format:born digital; articles
    We demonstrate the generation of 0.85 PW, 30 fs laser pulses at a repetition rate of 3.3 Hz with a record average power of 85 W from a Ti:sapphire laser. The system is pumped by high-energy Nd:glass slab amplifiers frequency ...
  • Compact gain-saturated x-ray lasers down to 6.85 nm and amplification down to 5.85 nm 

    Author(s):Rockwood, Alex; Wang, Yong; Wang, Shoujun; Berrill, Mark; Shlyaptsev, Vyacheslav N.; Rocca, Jorge J.
    Date Issued:2018-03-02
    Format:born digital; articles
    Plasma-based x-ray lasers allow single-shot nano-scale imaging and other experiments requiring a large number of photons per pulse to be conducted in compact facilities. However, compact repetitively fired gain-saturated ...
  • Micro-scale fusion in dense relativistic nanowire array plasmas 

    Author(s):Curtis, Alden; Calvi, Chase; Tinsley, James; Hollinger, Reed; Kaymak, Vural; Pukhov, Alexander; Wang, Shoujun; Rockwood, Alex; Wang, Yong; Shlyaptsev, Vyacheslav N.; Rocca, Jorge J.
    Date Issued:2018-03-14
    Format:born digital; articles
    Nuclear fusion is regularly created in spherical plasma compressions driven by multi-kilojoule pulses from the world’s largest lasers. Here we demonstrate a dense fusion environment created by irradiating arrays of deuterated ...
  • Accurate characterization of winter precipitation using multi-angle snowflake camera, visual hull, advanced scattering methods and polarimetric radar 

    Author(s):Notaroš, Branislav M.; Bringi, Viswanathan N.; Kleinkort, Cameron; Kennedy, Patrick; Huang, Gwo-Jong; Thurai, Merhala; Newman, Andrew J.; Bang, Wonbae; Lee, GyuWon
    Date Issued:2016-06-11
    Format:born digital; ariticles
    This article proposes and presents a novel approach to the characterization of winter precipitation and modeling of radar observables through a synergistic use of advanced optical disdrometers for microphysical and geometrical ...
  • Study of cloud classification with neural networks using spectral and textural features, A 

    Author(s):Bian, Bin; Shaikh, Mukhtiar A.; Azimi-Sadjadi, Mahmood R.; Vonder Haar, Thomas H.; Reinke, Donald L.
    Date Issued:1999
    Format:born digital; articles
    The problem of cloud data classification from satellite imagery using neural networks is considered in this paper. Several image transformations such as singular value decomposition(SVD) and wavelet packet (WP) were used ...
  • Identifying the failure-tolerant workspace boundaries of a kinematically redundant manipulator 

    Author(s):Roberts, Rodney G.; Jamisola, Rodrigo S.; Maciejewski, Anthony A.
    Date Issued:2007
    Format:born digital; proceedings (reports)
    In addition to possessing a number of other important properties, kinematically redundant manipulators are inherently more tolerant to locked-joint failures than nonredundant manipulators. However, a joint failure can still ...
  • Real-time SVD for the control of redundant robotic manipulators 

    Author(s):Maciejewski, Anthony A.
    Date Issued:1989
    Format:born digital; proceedings (reports)
    By taking advantage of the well-behaved nature of singular values and vectors, the computational expense of determining the SVD of the Jacobian matrix can be reduced to such an extent that on-line calculation becomes ...
  • Effect of spatial resolution reduction techniques on the temporal properties of video sequences, The 

    Author(s):Saitwal, Kishor; Maciejewski, Anthony A.; Roberts, Rodney G.
    Date Issued:2005
    Format:born digital; proceedings (reports)
    Singular value decomposition (SVD) is a common technique that is performed on video sequences in a number of computer vision and robotics applications. The left singular vectors represent the eigenimages, while the right ...
  • Eigendecomposition of correlated images characterized by three parameters 

    Author(s):Saitwal, Kishor; Maciejewski, Anthony A.; Roberts, Rodney G.
    Date Issued:2006
    Format:born digital; proceedings (reports)
    Most eigendecomposition algorithms operate on correlated images that are characterized by only one parameter. Hence they lack the required specifications of fully general 3D image data sets, in which the images need to be ...
  • Analysis of eigendecomposition for sets of correlated images at different resolutions 

    Author(s):Saitwal, Kishor; Maciejewski, Anthony A.; Roberts, Rodney G.
    Date Issued:2004
    Format:born digital; proceedings (reports)
    Eigendecomposition is a common technique that is performed on sets of correlated images in a number of computer vision and robotics applications. Unfortunately, the computation of an eigendecomposition can become prohibitively ...
  • Fast eigenspace decomposition of correlated images using their low-resolution properties 

    Author(s):Saitwal, Kishor; Maciejewski, Anthony A.; Roberts, Rodney G.
    Date Issued:2004
    Format:born digital; proceedings (reports)
    Eigendecomposition is a common technique that is performed on sets of correlated images in a number of computer vision and robotics applications. Unfortunately, the computation of an eigendecomposition can become prohibitively ...
  • Using genetic algorithms to optimize social robot behavior for improved pedestrian flow 

    Author(s):Eldridge, Bryce D.; Maciejewski, Anthony A.
    Date Issued:2005
    Format:born digital; proceedings (reports)
    This paper expands on previous research on the effect of introducing social robots into crowded situations in order to improve pedestrian flow. In this case, a genetic algorithm is applied to find the optimal parameters ...
  • Simulation of attempts to influence crowd dynamics, A 

    Author(s):Kirkland, Joel A.; Maciejewski, Anthony A.
    Date Issued:2003
    Format:born digital; proceedings (reports)
    An understanding of how to alter crowd dynamics would have a significant impact in a number of scenarios, e.g., during riots or evacuations. The social force model, where individuals are self-driven particles interacting ...
  • Failure-tolerant path planning for the PA-10 robot operating amongst obstacles 

    Author(s):Jamisola, Rodrigo S.; Maciejewski, Anthony A.; Roberts, Rodney G.
    Date Issued:2004
    Format:born digital; proceedings (reports)
    This work considers kinematic failure tolerance when obstacles are present in the environment. An example is given using a fully spatial redundant robot, the seven degree-of-freedom Mitsubishi PA-10. This article addresses ...

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