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Wavefront improvement in an injection-seeded soft x-ray laser based on a solid-target plasma amplifier




Li, Lu, author
Wang, Yong, author
Wang, Shoujun, author
Oliva, Eduardo, author
Yin, Liang, author
Le, T. T. Thuy, author
Daboussi, Sameh, author
Ros, David, author
Maynard, Gilles, author
Sebban, Stephane, author

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The wavefront of an injection-seeded soft x-ray laser beam generated by amplification of high-harmonic pulses in a λ=18.9 nm molybdenum plasma amplifier was measured by a Hartmann wavefront sensor with an accuracy of λ/32 root mean square (rms). A significant improvement in wavefront aberrations of 0.51±0.03λ rms to 0.23±0.01λ rms was observed as a function of plasma column length. The variation of wavefront characteristic as a function time delay between the injection of the seed and peak of soft x-ray amplifier pump was studied. The measurements were used to reconstruct the soft x-ray source and confirm its high peak brightness.


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hard x rays
laser beams
soft x rays
wavefront aberrations
wavefront distortions
x ray lasers


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