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A characterization of foodborne illness data, Denver Metropolitan Area, Colorado, 1986-1989




Higgins, Charles L., author
Salman, Mowafak Dauod, advisor
Savage, Eldon P., committee member
Reif, John S., committee member

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A records search was conducted for foodborne illness complaints to local health departments in the Denver, Colorado Metropolitan Area, defined as Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Denver, Douglas, and Jefferson counties. Records for the four-year period beginning with 1986 through 1989 were searched for reports in which two or more persons were alleged to have become ill, experienced similar symptoms and had a common food exposure. Program administrators were interviewed about the procedures used to investigate these complaint reports. The documented cases of foodborne illness in the Denver Metropolitan Area are not sufficient to justify regulatory activities or to target prevention. The assistance of the public, academic and medical community appears to be needed in order to increase the percentage of complaints that can be properly investigated.


Department Head: Raymond Shih-Hsien Yang.

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Foodborne diseases -- Colorado -- Denver Metropolitan Area
Denver Metropolitan Area
Food handling
food handling
foodborne diseases


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