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Calibration of an irradiation facility




Marcinko, Rion, author
Johnson, Thomas, advisor
Brandl, Alexander, committee member
Duncan, Colleen, committee member

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The objective of this research is to provide accurate reliable data for use in an irradiation facility and present findings in a manner useful to operators. The intended use of the irradiator and irradiator protocols dictate a need for a well-known administered dose. Dose rates from two independent methods were investigated at multiple distances away from the source. First, the irradiation platforms were examined for "hot spots" using Gafchromic © film to provide a qualitative estimate of the dose distribution. A quantitative assessment of doses was then performed using Fricke dosimetry (a primary standard). Finally, MCNP modeling was used to simulate irradiation at the various measured points and intermediate points in the radiation field. The results were used to provide dose rates within the radiation field for future researchers, and demonstrated how precision and accuracy vary using theoretical (MCNP) and measurement methodology. MCNP simulation matched the Fricke measurements within 10% for the first two positions explored, then diverged upon further movement from the source.


2017 Spring.
Includes bibliographical references.

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