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Steady upward flow from water tables

dc.contributor.authorAnat, Arbhabhirama, author
dc.contributor.authorDuke, Harold R. (Harold Ray), 1940-, author
dc.contributor.authorCorey, A. T. (Arthur Thomas), 1919-, author
dc.contributor.authorColorado State University, publisher
dc.description.abstractSteady upward flow from water tables was investigated experimentally and theoretically under conditions in which the flow rate is controlled by the capacity of the soil to transmit liquid to a dry surface layer. Under these conditions the flow rate was found to depend upon whether the soil-liquid system was on a drainage (falling water table) or an imbibition (rising water table) cycle. For a given depth of water table, the flow rate on the drainage cycle can be at least 100 times greater than on the imbibition cycle. It was also found that whenever the rate of removal of liquid from the surface layer exceeds the rate at which it can be supplied from the soil below, the flow rate is reduced substantially compared to the flow rate which would otherwise exist on a drainage cycle. A differential equation was developed which relates the upward flow rate to the depth of the water table in terms of measureable soil parameters. A Fortran program for a IBM computer was developed to solve the differential equation for a wide range of soil parameters. An algebraic expression was also developed which approximates the computer solution very closely. The use of either the computer program or the algebraic approximation depends upon an accurate measurement of the soil parameters on the appropriate cycle, i.e., drainage or imbibition. The paper explains how this can be done.
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dc.publisherColorado State University. Libraries
dc.relationCatalog record number (MMS ID): 991024203839703361
dc.relationGB651.C6 no.7
dc.relation.ispartofHydrology Papers
dc.relation.ispartofHydrology papers (Colorado State University), no. 7
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dc.subject.lcshFluid dynamic measurements
dc.subject.lcshWater table
dc.subject.lcshPorous materials
dc.titleSteady upward flow from water tables


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