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Recruitment of racial/ethnic minority doctoral students in psychology: a content analysis of counseling psychology program websites




Chambers, Serenity, author
Buki, Lydia P., advisor
Griffin, Cindy L., committee member
Edwards, Ruth W., committee member

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The presence of racial/ethnic minority student recruitment strategies on counseling psychology websites (N = 67) was assessed using a website checklist devised by the primary investigator. It was predicted that the presence of key recruitment strategies on program websites would be related to higher numbers of racial/ethnic minority students enrolled in counseling psychology programs. Results showed that although most programs have implemented previously recommended recruitment strategies on their websites, they have not done so extensively. In addition, findings suggest that programs with higher numbers of diversity words and phrases in their webpages have a higher enrollment of racial/ethnic minority students. Counseling psychology programs aspiring to increase the representation of racial/ethnic minority students should incorporate statements reflecting an interest in and commitment to diversity issues in their webpages. In addition, programs should consider incorporating to a greater extent recruitment strategies previously recommended in the literature.


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Minority graduate students
Psychology -- Study and teaching (Graduate)
Web sites


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