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Healthy forests & vibrant communities: HB-1199 accomplishment report 2009-2016




Colorado State Forest Service, author

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In 2009, the Colorado General Assembly passed legislation titled the Colorado Healthy Forests and Vibrant Communities Act (HB09-1199), which increases efforts to address wildfire risk, provides resources to the Colorado State Forest Service to augment its technical outreach capabilities, and provides loans and grants for market-based and forest treatment solutions to reduce wildfire risk. This report describes the accomplishments achieved by the Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) using funds provided by the Colorado State Legislature through HB09-1199, the Healthy Forests and Vibrant Communities Act. With this legislation, the CSFS has been able to increase services to individuals, communities and organizations across Colorado since 2009. Critical accomplishments include an improved technical capacity to: assist communities and others to develop Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPPs); implement forest management/fuels reduction projects that improve forest health; reduce wildfire risk to individuals, property and watersheds; and ultimately improve community resilience to wildfire and forest-related threats. This state funding also has supported the CSFS’s online programs, such as the Colorado Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal, which graphically displays wildfire risk and provides technical reports that inform activities needed to reduce this risk.


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