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Preliminary reliability of the occupational therapist teacher interaction scale




Hottovy, Janine Marie Angello, author
Spencer, Karen C., advisor
Daunhauer, Lisa A., advisor
Barrett, Karen Caplovitz, committee member

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This preliminary study sought to identify a reliable means of capturing and rating interactions between occupational therapists (OTs) and teachers according to the dyads' qualities of collaboration. Five OT and teacher dyads were recorded in their authentic environments as participants discussed on-going student needs. Judgment study methodology, including using "thin slice" segments from the videotaped interactions, was employed. A coding scheme was created specific to this study's question and by a panel of judges to code the collaborative characteristics of each dyad's interaction. This coding scheme, the Occupational Therapist Teacher Interaction Scale (OTIS), included 23 items and was divided into three subdomains: OT Interaction Qualities, Teacher Interaction Qualities, and Pair Interaction Qualities. Data was analyzed to determine effective reliability using intraclass correlations. Results showed that all three OTIS subdomains achieved effective reliability with an ICC of greater than .75 and that 18 of the 23 individual items did as well. These findings indicate that judgment methodology and the OTIS are reliable means of capturing and rating collaboration between OTs and teachers. Further research is indicated to assess validity of the findings and begin to correlate collaborative practice with student outcomes.


Department Head: Wendy Wood.

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