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System level risk analysis of electromagnetic environmental effects and lightning effects in aircraft -- steady state and transient




Lee, James Y., author
Collins, George J., advisor
Borky, John M., committee member
Cale, James L., committee member
Ackerson, Christopher J., committee member

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This dissertation is an investigation of the system level risk of electromagnetic and lightning effects in aircraft. It begins with an analysis to define a system, and a discussion of emergence as a characteristic of a system. Against this backdrop, risk is defined as an undesirable emergent property of a system. A procedure to translate the system level non-functional attributes to lower level functional requirements is developed. With this foundation, a model for risk analysis, resolution and management is developed by employing the standard risk model. The developed risk model is applied to evaluation of electromagnetic environmental effects and lightning effects in aircraft. Examples are shown to demonstrate the validity of the model. Object Process Methodology and systems thinking principles are used extensively throughout this work. The dissertation concludes with a summary and suggestions for additional work.


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