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Factors affecting the number of students engaged in mental health fieldwork education




Thompson, Kelly, author
Eakman, Aaron M., author
Owens, Lisa, author
Routledge, publisher

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Fieldwork is essential for training future mental health practitioners. In this study, the authors identified factors predicting the number of students engaged in mental health fieldwork education. Proactive efforts (e.g., setting up structured fieldwork programs), such as offering both Level I and Level II fieldwork experiences, and perceiving no challenge to accepting Level II fieldwork students, predicted greater numbers of students participating in fieldwork. Clinicians who had set up structured fieldwork programs were more likely to have guest lectured in an occupational therapy education program and met with interested students. This is the first study to identify factors that predict participation in mental health fieldwork.


Final, peer-reviewed manuscript.

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occupational therapy
clinical supervision
clinical training


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