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Leaders in the nonprofit sector: leader and organizational level predictors of leader engagement in self-development activities




Putter, Stefanie E., author
Kraiger, Kurt, 1957-, advisor
Johnson, Stefanie K., advisor
Steger, Michael F., committee member
Chermack, Thomas J., committee member

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The purpose of the current study was to better understand the individual and organizational antecedents of leader self-development in the nonprofit sector. Data were collected from 94 nonprofit leaders and 340 nonprofit employees and volunteers. Individual-level analyses revealed that three leader characteristics (developmental efficacy, learning adaptability, and propensity to self-develop) significantly predicted multiple indicators of leader engagement in self-development activities. Multi-level analyses failed to support the expected relationship between organizational-level characteristics (organizational support for development, organizational barriers to development, learning environment) and leader engagement in self-development activities. Finally, five interactions of leader and organizational characteristics significantly predicted leader self-development outcomes, but were in the opposite direction than expected. Implications and opportunities for future research on leader self-development are discussed.


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nonprofit sector
multi-level modeling
leadership development
Development leadership
leader self-development
Nonprofit organizations


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