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The state of sustainability science: linking knowledge with action for sustainable development




Dickson, Nancy, speaker

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Sustainability science is an emerging field that is attempting to address the need for effective research systems that address the duality of poverty alleviation and development while promoting environmental conservation. Our work focuses on regional initiatives in India, China and Brazil. In India our work is looking at how regulatory policies, specifically emissions trading systems for suspended particular matter, can promote sustainable development, with a special focus on how public-private partnerships can contribute to solving challenges of inefficiency and non-compliance. In China our work is investigating linkages between water and energy infrastructure and policies for mitigating carbon emissions and improving efficiency. In the Amazon, our work explores how changes in forest cover and agriculture are affecting the hydrological cycle and resulting decisions about hydropower development and irrigation for agriculture.


CCC Special Seminar Presented by: Nancy Dickson, Senior Researcher, Harvard Kennedy School, and Co-Director of the Science Sustainability Program. Held on October, 16, 2013.
As well as holding a position as director for the Sustainability Science Fellows Program at Harvard, Nancy serves on various advisory boards, including NASA's Applied Sciences Program and the Maine Sustainable Solutions Initiative. She has served as a Committee member for the National Academy of Sciences. She is co-author of numerous publications. She is a co-recipient of the Ecological Society of America's Sustainability Science award (2012) for the paper Evolution of models to support community and policy action with science (Reid et al, PNAS, 2009). She holds a Master's degree in regional planning from Cornell University.
Includes recorded speech and PowerPoint presentation.

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applied research
sustainable development
use-inspired research
human well-being


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