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Physical modeling of atmospheric transport of stack emissions at Kahe Electrical Generating Plant, Oahu, Hawaii. Volume I




Mutter, D. Gerald, author
Cermak, Jack E., author
Fluid Dynamics and Diffusion Laboratory, Fluid Mechanics and Wind Engineering Program, Colorado State University, publisher

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Two models, with scales of 1:6000 and 1:650, of the Kahe Electrical Generating Plant (located on the island of Oahu, Hawaii) were tested in a wind tunnel in order to determine the nature of atmospheric transport of stack emissions. The heights and configuration of the stacks were varied as were wind velocity and direction. Ground-level concentrations of tracer gas were measured for each combination of conditions. Plume geometry and behavior were observed and recorded by means of still photographs, movies and videotape.


Prepared for Stearns-Roger, Inc.
Includes bibliographical references (page 12).
April 3, 1978.

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Electric power-plants -- Environmental aspects -- Hawaii -- Oahu
Atmospheric diffusion -- Mathematical models


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