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The physiological measurement of employee engagement




Weidert, Janet M., author
Byrne, Zinta, advisor
Kraiger, Kurt, committee member
Cleary, Anne, committee member
Hickey, Matthew, committee member

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Previous assessments of employee engagement have all been self-report, creating the possibility for common method bias and a gap in assessing all components of the construct, especially the physiological component. The purpose of this study was to measure engagement using a physiological approach that reflects actual physical differences in individuals experiencing an engaged versus an unengaged state. In a within-subjects laboratory study, 40 college-aged participants were assessed using the BIOPAC physiological measuring system in both an engaged and an unengaged task condition. GSR findings indicate that a heightened level of arousal was present in the engaged versus unengaged task, but that the arousal level was not strong enough to produce an increase in heart rate. Implications of results are that we may want to re-evaluate how employee engagement is defined and how it is measured.


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