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The effect of an intensive, outdoor camp on behavioral regulation and praxis in children




Tull, Emily B., author
Lane, Shelly J., advisor
Bundy, Anita C., committee member
Burke, Hannah K., committee member
Butki, Brian, committee member

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Background: Behavioral regulation and praxis skills are both crucial to childhood participation and performance in occupation. Behavioral regulation is the ability to employ executive functions in order to regulate, monitor, and adapt behavior to interact within the environment. Praxis is the ability to recognize object and environment affordance, develop an idea for action, plan the action, and then perform it. It is reflected by successful interactions with people and things in the environment. Purpose: This study examined the impact of a 5-day outdoor camp with integrated occupational therapy supports on behavioral regulation and praxis in 36 children with sensory processing, praxis, and behavioral challenges. Methods: Pre-test/post-test retrospective cohort design. Data were drawn from two parent-report questionnaires completed 3 months pre and 3 months post camp: the Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function-2 (BRIEF-2) and the Sensory Processing Measure (SPM). Findings: Linear mixed modelling revealed an association between behavioral regulation and praxis throughout the 6-month timespan. Paired samples t-tests showed significant change in praxis, and positive non-significant change in behavioral regulation. Implications: Practitioners should consider contexts and factors contributing to children's praxis and behavioral regulation skills, as well as the interface between the two characteristics. The use of outdoor camps should be considered in occupational therapy intervention for enhancing children's praxis, as well as participation and performance in occupations.


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