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Response of 'Red Lake' currant and Red-osier dogwood to cold acclimation




Hanna, Mark David, author
Stushnoff, Cecil, advisor
Klett, James E., committee member
McNeil, Michael, committee member

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Twigs of 'Red Lake' currant (Ribes rubrum L.) and Red-osier dogwood (Cornus sericea L.) were collected at the beginning of each month starting October 1992, and ending the first of April 1993. Twig samples were subjected to controlled temperature treatments: 0°C, 10°C, -5°C, 0°C for 12 hr/ 10°C for 12 hr, and -5°C for 12 hr/ 10°C for 12 hr for one month. Treated and field samples were evaluated for hardiness by freeze tests and glucose, sucrose, raffinose and stachyose content in cortical tissue. A study of hardiness was repeated the following year beginning in September and ending the first of April. Cold tolerance was promoted best by fluctuating temperatures in the fall with greater acclimation achieved in the colder temperature treatments as the season progressed until mid-winter and into the spring months when de-acclimation occurred. Hardiness was best retained by the cooler steady temperatures. The endogenous content of raffinose was strongly associated with cold hardiness in both plant materials. Raffinose and glucose levels of field samples from both currant and dogwood were significantly correlated with cold hardiness. Stachyose was also associated with hardiness of currant taken from outdoors and treated at 0°C. Sucrose was associated with hardiness in dogwood stored at -5°C/10°C. The best association between sugars and cold tolerance in either plant species was seen in samples taken directly from the field with no treatment. Storage at 0°C/10°C increased raffinose as hardiness increased in both species. Storage at 0°C and at -5°C increased raffinose as hardiness increased in dogwood. but not in currant. Warm temperature storage as 10°C and -5°/10°C destroyed the relationship between hardiness and raffinose levels in both plant materials.


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Woody plants -- Effect of cold on
Acclimatization (Plants)


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