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Understanding ratee preference for feedback form through rating format and expectation clarity




Menendez, Jaclyn M., author
Cleveland, Jeanette, advisor
Kraiger, Kurt, committee member
Rambo-Hernandez, Karen, committee member
Dik, Bryan, committee member

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Performance feedback is one of the most highly researched areas in industrial/organizational psychology, but it remains far from being fully understood. Ratee attitudes towards their feedback forms can shape their attitudes about the feedback content in general. This study investigates the impact of two feedback form features, rating format and performance expectation clarity, on two attitudinal outcomes of satisfaction and acceptance. Perceptions of fairness were hypothesized to mediate all relationships. Results showed a statistically significant relationship between clarity of expectations and ratee satisfaction with their feedback form. All other relationships were found to be non-significant. This research demonstrated the importance of performance expectation clarity on ratee satisfaction with feedback. The results are discussed in relation to future research and implications for behavioral change.


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feedback form
ratee reactions
performance feedback


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