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A least-squares-based 2-D filtering scheme for stereo image compression




Tian, Bin, author
Azimi-Sadjadi, Mahmood R., author
Seo, Sang-Hoon, author
IEEE, publisher

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A two-dimensional (2-D) least squares (LS)-based filtering scheme for high fidelity stereo image compression applications is introduced in this correspondence. This method removes the effects of mismatching in a stereo image pair by applying the left image as the reference input to a 2-D transversal filter while the right image is used as the desired output. The weights of the filter are computed using a block-based LS method. A reduced order filtering scheme is also introduced to find the optimum number of filter coefficients. The principal coefficients and the disparity vectors are used together with left image to reconstruct the right image at the receiver. The proposed schemes were examined on a real stereo image pair for 3DTV applications and the results were benchmarked against those of the block-matching method.


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least squares
stereo image compression
2D adaptive filtering


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