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Metropolitan water intelligence systems, completion report, phase II




Grigg, Neil S., author
Labadie, John W., author
Smith, George L., author
Hill, Duane W., author
Bradford, Bruce Harold, author
Department of Civil Engineering, Colorado State University, publisher

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The results of Phase II of the Colorado State University project "Metropolitan Water Intelligence Systems" (MWIS) are reported. The special type of MWIS considered is the fully automated control system for combined sewer systems. The report contains technical data on computer and control equipment, on the formulation on the control strategy problem and on optimization techniques for developing control logic. The Real-Time Automation and Control System (RTACS) Model is presented as a simulation model which can be used off-line to develop control logic. The hydrologic, hydraulic and control models needed in either an RTACS or an RTACS Model are discussed. The socio-political problems associated with implementing a MWIS are related to similar problems experienced in implementing any information system or automation effort. The problems facing local decision makers who must comply with shifting standards under heavy time, technological, financial and political constraints are related to their personal objectives and proposals are advanced for social modeling techniques which could help in MWIS implementation.


June 1973.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 129-132, 141).
Prepared for U. S. Department of the Interior, Office of Water Resources Research.

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Water resources development -- Mathematical models
Water resources development -- Research


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