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Canal linings used by the Bureau of Reclamation with emphasis on rehabilitation




Haider, Thomas R., author
U.S. Committee on Irrigation and Drainage, publisher

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Designers, and others interested in water resource development, have strived to improve the cost effectiveness and technical properties of canal liners. Reclamation (the Bureau of Reclamation) has been involved in this endeavor for many years. Although the majority of Reclamation canals have been successfully lined with either concrete or compacted earth, a need was recognized for the development of alternative linings, along with the improvement of linings already in use. This paper will present a brief history of canal linings tested and used by Reclamation in the past and those currently under investigation, with an emphasis on linings which may be used for rehabilitations. The types of linings discussed include standard concrete, concrete placed underwater, shotcrete, compacted earth lining, compacted lime treated earth lining, soil-cement, buried geomembranes, exposed geomembranes, and geocomposites.


Presented at Irrigation and water resources in the 1990's: proceedings from the 1992 national conference held on October 5-7, 1992 in Phoenix, Arizona.

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