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Nevius, Thia, author
Dietemann, David L., advisor
Levine, Frederick S., committee member
Wedge, Karen J., committee member

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The objective of this thesis is to create paintings of an organic flowing quality that are emotionally expressive. Art that is not representational has more possibilities for interpretation and leaves more room for an open-ended expression of feeling. Concern lies with eye movement through the painting by the placement of line, shape, color, and texture. The process and product are equally important as no final ideas are established before a painting is begun, but rather a burgeoning idea of composition. As a painting proceeds, spaces are pushed and pulled to facilitate flow and desired arrangements. Often figurative shapes or colors are used as points of departure. Serious color considerations are made concerning value and temperature where a dynamic quality may be achieved. Juxtaposition of line and shape, active and inactive areas, hard and soft edges, impasto and transparent areas are employed with balance in mind. These and other rational and intuitive thought and decision making processes proceed as the painting is developed.


1983 Spring.
Zip file contains 10 slides of artist's works.

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Painting, Abstract


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