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Evaluation and update of drainage water management options on the westside San Joaquin Valley, California




Alemi, Manucher, author
Verrill, Wayne, author
U.S. Committee on Irrigation and Drainage, publisher

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Over one million acres of irrigated lands on the westside of the San Joaquin Valley are affected by shallow water tables, salinity, and toxic trace elements such as selenium. The San Joaquin Valley Drainage Program developed a management plan in 1990 to manage agricultural subsurface drainage and related problems. A review of the present status and information on the SJV drainage problem since adoption of the 1990 Plan is under way. Three subarea committees comprised of growers and water district staff representing the drainage problem area prepared reports on the implementation status of the 1990 Plan recommendations. Eight technical committees comprised of university scientists, government agency staff, water district staff, growers, and other stakeholders reviewed the latest information on drainage management options. The committee reports present detailed information on eight drainage management measures. The current status of knowledge on each of the eight measures is summarized in this paper.


Presented at the 2000 USCID international conference, Challenges facing irrigation and drainage in the new millennium on June 20-24 in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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