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PersoSys: a user-defined gestural interface for personalized interaction




Fahimi, Ghazal, author
Ruiz, Jaime, advisor
Boucher, Christina, committee member
Montgomery, Tai, committee member

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Recently, there has been an emergence of research projects pertaining to gesture-based interactions which have focused on procedures to design intuitive gestures. However, little work has been conducted in regard to discovering best-practices in the field of gesture customization by end-users--research which has the potential to vastly improve user experience beyond the potential of the predefined gestures. Gesture customization goes deeper into the gestural interface logic and makes it possible for users to map flexible tasks to their own defined gestures. In this thesis, we describe the PersoSys system, a touchless, 3-dimensional gesture-based interaction framework, that makes use of an Intel Perceptual SDK camera to control the operations of a PC through hand gesture commands. The system allows users to define a personalized input gesture for a set of tasks, thereby enabling them to trigger those tasks by performing the mapped gestures. Furthermore, the user interface of the system is designed in an arrangement that offers customizations in a simple and convenient way, concealing much of the complexity from the user. In this thesis, we describe the hardware and software implementation of PersoSys, and several use cases designed to bring more convenient interaction to users. We also examined the effectiveness of our system by conducting an experiment that obtains qualitative and quantitative feedback from users. The results imply that users are pleased with the configuration process and automatically executing the long sequences of tasks by performing their desired gestures.


2015 Spring.
Includes bibliographical references.

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