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Sarah Christine Fleming: capstone




Fleming, Sarah Christine, artist

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The artist's statement: Throughout my school career in the field of graphic design I have always tried to focus the context of my work on three different aspects: experimentalism, pop art, and functionality. There is no better time to experiment with different mediums and processes than when you are a student. That's why I found it in my best interest to experiment as much as possible. Becoming familiar with different mediums and processes not only expands the diversity of my work but it also adds elements of surprise. When using new mediums or methods for the first time you never know what you will end up with and it is for that reason I was drawn to trying new things. Although I have used many different artists, works and types of art for inspiration I think my work best fits in the category of pop art. Since graphic design in today's society is mostly used to communicate ideas and concepts to the masses, such as with advertising and print media, it goes hand in hand with pop art and functionality. Most of the pieces that I produced have a significant purpose such as magazine spread, package design, logo design, advertising, posters, etc. With that said each of my works had to be a solution to combining both creativity and functionality.


Colorado State University Art Department capstone project.
Capstone contains the artist's statement and images of works.

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