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Development of a basin for investigation of the seaworthiness of model seaplane hulls




Schulz, Edmund F., author
Colorado A and M College, Civil Engineering Section, publisher

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The conversion of a round 85-ft diameter outdoor pond to a facility for testing model seaplanes and ships in oblique seas is described. Waves are created in the 40 by 65 ft. seaway by oscillating a 14-inch diameter cylinder in a vertical plane. A sloping gravel beach absorbs the waves after they have traversed the seaway. Diffraction of the wave train is prevented through the use of wave-guides. Wavelengths of 2.4, 4.6, and 9.4 ft. have been produced. Waves as steep as 1:11.5 have been produced. Some experimentation with model seaplane hulls has been completed. The variations of the model motions in heave, pitch and roll were measured from 16 mm motion picture film. The models were photographed simultaneously from the front and side during the tests. Improvements in the various structural components and the instrumentation used for measuring the model motions were discussed. It was concluded that a 5-ft model could be tested effectively at any heading to the seaway and at speeds up to 10 fps. Calibration curves for the wave generator, wave profile recorder and convectron tube are included.


Includes bibliographical references.
Prepared for Bureau of Aeronautics, Navy Department through the Colorado A & M Research Foundation.

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Planning hulls -- Testing
Seaplanes -- Models -- Testing


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