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Battery identification, prediction and modelling




Azam, Syed Mahdi, author
Young, Peter M., advisor
Collins, George, committee member
Zimmerle, Dan, committee member

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In this paper, a process of modelling batteries for energy management systems has been discussed. With the increasing demand of energy management modelling, it is crucial that modelling of the components in an energy management model be done properly, effectively, and with least amount of time. The process introduced in this paper requires only one discharge data to model a battery. The internal parameters identified focuses on the electrical behavior rather than on electrochemical aspects of the battery. The battery model presented here helps to predict the discharge behavior of the battery in multiple discharging scenarios. In this modelling process, Online Parameter Identification technique has been used to identify the parameters of the battery. The parameters of the battery identified in this paper to predict the discharge behavior of a battery are internal resistance, polarization constant, nominal voltage and the actual capacity of a battery. Shepherd's equation and MATLAB's optimization toolbox was used to identify the parameters.


2018 Summer.
Includes bibliographical references.

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battery modelling
control method
microgrid control
battery's internal parameters
mathematical modelling


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