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Assessing usability of full-body immersion in an interactive virtual reality environment




Raikwar, Aditya R., author
Ortega, Francisco R., advisor
Beveridge, Ross, committee member
Stephens, Jaclyn, committee member
Smith, Charles, committee member

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Improving immersion and playability has a direct impact on the effectiveness of certain Virtual Reality applications. This project looks at understanding how to develop an immersive soccer application with the intention to measure skills, particularly for the use of assessment and health promotion. This project will show the requirements to create a top-down immersive experience with commodity devices. The particular system serves the simulation of a soccer training environment to evade opponents, pass to teammates, and score goals with the objective of measuring the difficulty of single, double, and triple tasks. It is expected that the performance will go down as the level of tasks increases. This hypothesis is extremely relevant as it provides a system that could serve as an assessment tool for people with concussions to return to play (with an OK by a physician) or to promote exercise to non-athletes. This thesis provides all the necessary steps to explain the high-level details of highly immersive applications while providing a future-path for human-subject experiments.


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full-body tracking
virtual reality


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