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Commercial construction ethical decision making: authentic case studies




Weber, John R., author
Makela, Carole, advisor
Anderson, Sharon, committee member
Folkestad, James, committee member
Ozbek, Mehmet, committee member

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This study was developed from 30 years of experiences in commercial construction. In addition to 20 case studies on ethical decision making, perspectives of instructors who taught at American Council of Construction Educators (ACCE) accredited Construction Management (CM) programs were included. These perspectives were considered to improve effectiveness. Literature found on the topic was minimal with most from government press releases. A Qualtrics survey was sent to 996 CM instructors with a potential sample size of 961 where 78 responded (8.12%). Case study effectiveness, the role and techniques used, as well as themes in literature were analyzed. Quantitative and qualitative data contributed to the development and refinement of 20 authentic case studies. Over 95% of instructors perceived it their role to teach ethical decision making; strongly agreed (45.59%), agreed (50.00%), neutral (2.94%), disagreed (1.47%), and none strongly disagreed. Instructors perceived construction as having unique pressures varied; Yes (67.65%), No (26.47%), with 5.88% did not know. When asked if ethical transgressions were systemic; Yes (38.24%), No (45.59%), and 14.71% did not know. Did instructors perceive an "everybody does it" attitude; Yes (42.65%), No (47.06%), and 10.29% did not know. When asked if authentic case studies were readily available; strongly agreed (4.48%), agreed (23.88%), neutral (28.36%), disagreed (35.82%), and strongly disagreed (7.45%).


Includes bibliographical references.
2023 Spring.

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case study
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