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Significant plant, animal, and wetland resources of Larimer County and their conservation




Kettler, Steve, author
Sanderson, John, author
Spackman, Susan, author
Fayette, Kim, author
Pague, Chris, author
Clark, Dina, author
Hicks, Andrew, author
Colorado Natural Heritage Program, publisher

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In 1996, The Colorado Natural Heritage Program (CNHP) was contracted to assess the natural heritage values of lands throughout Larimer County. The project consisted of two major parts: a county-wide Natural Heritage Inventory and a Wetland and Riparian Area Survey. The primary goal of this project was to identify the locations in Larimer County with natural heritage significance. These locations were identified by first examining existing biological data, then accumulating additional information on rare or imperiled plant species, animal species, and significant natural communities (collectively called elements) through exhaustive field surveys.


A report to Larimer County Parks and the Colorado Department of Natural Resources.
December 1996.
Includes bibliographical references.

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Wetlands -- Colorado -- Larimer County
Rare plants -- Conservation -- Colorado -- Larimer County
Rare animals -- Conservation -- Colorado -- Larimer County
Wetland ecology -- Colorado -- Larimer County
Natural resources -- Conservation areas -- Colorado -- Larimer County
Biodiversity -- Colorado -- Larimer County
Biodiversity conservation -- Colorado -- Larimer County


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