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Religion, meaning, and belief in a just world




Jaramillo, Matthew, author
Chavez, Ernest, advisor
Dik, Bryan, advisor
Gibbons, Alyssa, committee member
Anderson, Sharon, committee member

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The present study examined a meaning-making model, focusing on the impact of Coping, Posttraumatic Growth, Life Meaningfulness, Belief in a Just World, Well-Being, and God Images. The path analysis generally mirrored a model Park and colleagues' (2008) constructed in their examination of meaning-making among cancer patients. The purpose of this study was to replicate their model and investigate its interactions with God Images. This research was undertaken to offer new insights into the meaning-making model and extend knowledge of God Images in clinical work and research. The present study's sample consisted of military veterans and undergraduate psychology students. The path model for the present study was significant and generally conformed to Park and colleagues' (2008) meaning-making model. The God Images behaved as expected with some exceptions. The God images Present and Providence significantly moderated mediation relationships in the meaning-making model. The God image, Present, moderated the effect of Posttraumatic Growth mediating Coping and Life Meaningfulness of the model. God as Present also moderated the effect of Life Meaningfulness mediating Posttraumatic Growth and Well-Being. The God Image, Providence, moderated the effect of Belief in a Just World mediating Coping and Life Meaningfulness. Providence also moderated the effect of Life Meaningfulness mediated Posttraumatic Growth and Belief in a Just World. Discussion of the implications of these findings for research and clinical work follow.


2017 Summer.
Includes bibliographical references.

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