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Coupled static fields in magneto-electro-thermoelastic spheres




Divya, S. L. Dinavahi, author
Heyliger, Paul R., advisor
Atadero, Rebecca, committee member
Holland, Troy, committee member

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Smart/ intelligent materials form an integral part of adaptive and structural systems that have the capability to modify their material properties under the application of ex-ternal stimuli. This study focuses on a laminated layered hollow sphere with a multi- eld coupled material composed of piezo-electric and piezo-magnetic phases. When combined, these configurations create new features and properties that are absent in their constituents. The analysis of these materials requires careful consideration of the effects of interaction of the multi-field effects. In particular, the behavior of the field variables through laminate thickness is of primary interest. In this research, a discrete-layer model is presented and applied to layered anisotropic spheres under the coupled effects of elastic, electric, magnetic, and steady-state temperature fields to study its static behavior. The model is developed in spherical coordinate system based on discrete-layer lamination theory that solves the weak form of the governing equations for the individual fields and specific boundary conditions. The through-thickness behavior of the hollow sphere was investigated by introducing Ritz-based approximations to each of the fields, which are represented layer-wise in the radial direction of the hollow sphere. The accuracy of the model is determined by comparing the results to those of exact solutions. The model is further investigated for effect of three-layer laminate scheme under various surface conditions and new results are presented for the effect of imposed thermal fields.


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